Phasezerker mod and Rush stack interaction

Finally got the mod to drop from Katagawa the other day and been toying with it since then. I’ve respecced around it a few times but other than Alacrity just not working outright, I’ve been trying to figure out how the mods works with Do Harm and Violent Tapestry based on its effects versus their own base effects.

We get the full stack count of 15 or 25 if having Avatar, and then they degrade over a duration until we use her Action Skill again. But I’ve seen erratic interaction with that and the usual Rush stack gains, sometimes killing enemies adds a stack back with Do Harm, or proccing a DoT stacks one with Violent Tapestry, but other times the stack count just keeps degrading.

Basically asking if we have any confirmation whether the mod is supposed to work with the normal skill effects or override them entirely to proc from her Action Skill alone.

Phasezerker gives you the Gun Dmg and Skill Cooldown Reduction when activating your AS, plus you get the most out of Do Harm / Violent Tapestry since you dont have to manually build them up w/ kills/status effects.

You still get the full skills benefit, and thye can help keep your stacks at 25.

You could go up 1 rush stack at a time w/ either skill, or skip to max w/ Phasezerker, which gives you the full benefit of comverting those rush stacks into 25 Do Harm/Violent Tapestry buffs.

if you only have 1 rush, you only get 1 stack of do Harm/Violent Tapestry once rush is consumed. 25 Rush consumed gets you 25 Do Harm / Violent Tapestry immediately, regardless of whether or not you build it up by killing things or procding status effects.

Subsequent casts adds another 25 before the Skill Stacks expire, so you can just keep building them every time way past normal.