Phasezerker not working properly?

Hey guys, I’m using a phasezerker mystical assault build, and I use the deliverance skill.

Phazerker giving me 250% cooldown rate, it means that my AS cooldown should be 28/(1+2.5) = 8s. Not even counting the little bit of AS cooldown rate I get from relic and cooldown reduction I get from guardian ranks.

Howerever ingame I recorded a cooldown of 17-18s, which is WAY higher than what it should be. Is there some kind of bug with phasezerker ?

it’s based on how many rush stacks you have, so at 25 you have 250% but those decay as the ability cools down. so after ten seconds you may only have 100% cooldown.

Even with decaying stacks 1 per second it should still be way faster. I think there’s probably some sort of cap or different CDR bonuses are calculated differently in BL3. That would mean the formula from BL2 can’t be applied anymore.

Yes, event with the least amount of stacks I have during the cooldown (which is abot 16 17 at the end) I should have a cooldown way faster than this.

What I find odd is that I saw some people saying they have very fast cd on phasecast which is about what it should be with phasezerker, so is this something on my end ? I tried checking if my game is up to date but I never see when my game is updating and I can’t see the version it’s on either. It’s got such a weird update system compared to any games on steam …

Your issue could also be related to the bonuses not updating correctly. After respeccing and/or changing equipment try to hop back into the main menu and switching to another character for a sec. That way you force the game to update your stats.

Is that a thing again? Like in BL2 you had to unequip and re-equip your class mod after respeccing to get your build going?

After about an hour testing i finally nailed the issue down. If you test CDR on a naked skill tree and after resetting any snapshot effect the CDR formula works as we suspect. Adding Points into Restless instaupdates and works as intended and stays after reloading other characters whatsoever.

Equipping phasezerker and doing those tests reduce the cooldown by a fair amount. About 8.7 seconds at 25 Stacks, going from 27.3s to about 18.6s. Thats significant but obviously not the full 250% CDR that were promised.

Now to the good part. Reloading another character and resetting any snapshots whatsoever with Phasezerker EQUIPPED and retesting it we go down to around 9 seconds after activating phasecast. Which closely fits the expected 250% CDR. 8.6 Seconds with 5 Points in Restless. Interestingly i couldnt find any serious improvements by equipping a shield and therefor proccing topped off. (With reloading obviously)
Switching Phasezerkers without reloading does keep the Phasezerker buff. This kinda surprised me a bit, so i tried something else.
Unequipping Phasezerker and using another Classmod instead keeps the Phasezerker CDR working.

Phasezerker CDR works as intended after reloading the character with Phasezerker equipped. Unequipping Phasezerker without reloading keeps the CDR intact, so we basically can double dip on classmods. (Not sure about weapon damage bonus)
Ohh and Rush stacks decay every 2s instead of 1s.

Nvm there’s still something fishy going on. Just relogged from my mule where i did all the testings on onto my main Amara and now im back to having 16s cooldown…
Back to investigating.

And my cooldown is low again after equipping a shield on my main. So somewhere along the road while reloading it must have snapshot topped off from one of my mules and activated it on the shieldless mule i was testing on… So back to the beginning.

Anything stated here is wrong. See further posts.

Yeah, there’s a lot of shaky things going on in the background. Usually, I have a TTB cooldown of ~6 seconds but sometimes it’s 10-12 seconds. I tried several things after I first discovered this issue and made a post here:

No matter what I tried I was never able to reproduce it in a 100% reliable way.

Ive now done further relogging restarting and switching between 3 lvl50 amaras whith basically identical trees and no shields equipped. All 3 in Normal no mayhem to avoid some hidden stuff there. 2 Amaras had 16seconds 1 Amara 9seconds cooldown. No matter how much relogging, restarting, switching whatever ive done it was always the same amara with lower cooldown. Untill i had a suspicion.
I did those tests with 3 different Phasezerkers for each character…

And only 1 gave me low cd. After switching this particular one around i noticed it does lower the cd on all 3 characters. My first assumption now was that there are different phasezerkers around but i just realized what caused all this inconsistency.
The one with lower cooldown has Shield Capacity +1666 which appearently doesnt get added if you are wearing no shield. But i guess the game now recognizes me at full shields while effectively having none and gives me Topped Off on that particular Phasezerker, which is the reason i couldnt see a difference on my initial testings. Damaging myself takes away the topped off bonus btw.

So with that out of the way and my now 2+hr long testings im fairly certain to backup OP’s claims that Phasezerker does not give the advertised 10% CDR per Rush stack.

Did some numbers crunching with the values i recorded and would say that under the assumption the CDR works as we suspect CD=CD0/(1+phasezerkercdr+guardianrankcdr) each stack of rush gives about 3% CDR.

I put one point in Do harm and use the phasezerker mod just for the increased damage. Isn’t really a best mod for the elemental dps tank build.

I’ve noticed sometimes my do harm stacks go grey. I’ll still barely see the icon on the bottom and it will be stuck as some random number like 4 or 6. Casting my AS doesn’t reset the stacks either. It doesn’t always happen, but it is definitely bugged.

Or it only uses the +5 stacks added by the mod itself for its CDR bonus calculations. That would actually result in a cooldown of ~18 seconds as described in the OP.

Which would be weird given im certain it gives 75% weapon damage.

Yeah, it would be weird indeed. Your explanation is way more likely and Gearbox probably just messed up the description of the perk.

So then people who has a very low cd on their skill get that from topped off ?

Kind of a bummer to have phasezerker not give as low cd as I thought, I was super excited to have a build that could just spam AS. Guess I’ll myself a breaker COM and go melee Amara again.

Side question : does the rough rider proc topped off ?

The last time i tried it didnt.

Rough Rider doesnt proc CD from Guardian skill, it counts as depleted by default. Sadly, but then again what does work for Amara? :eyes:

Funny enough ive read from ppl that it doesnt proc the roid bonus on itself either. But you can get a classmod/artifact with max shield, deplete your shield and never regen it again for the roid bonus.

Btw just letting you guys know. I went through support to report the bug and provided them with Videos and my numbers. This might have been the fasted worked on ticket ive ever had in any support system i encountered.