Phasezerker stacking and avatar, what works and what doesn't

I have been messing around with the Phasezerker class mod and found some interesting interactions. I don’t think this list is complete so feel free to let me know of any others.

Stacks with Phasegrasp spamming:
Do Harm x99
Violent Tapestry x99

Stacks with double Phasegrasp (hitting an enemy) or Phasecast using Avatar:
Clarity x2 - If you perform a phasecast twice then you will have 2 stacks of Clarity for a short time
Transcend x2 - If you perform a phasecast twice then you will have 2 stacks of Transcend for a short time
Dread x1(?) - I need to test grasping two enemies to see if I get two stacks

Refreshes with Phasegrasp (hitting an enemy) and Phasecast:

Depends on enemies hit/killed:
Samsara x5

Helping Hands (not tested)
Find Your Center (not tested)

Alacrity doesn’t have seperate stacks the way Do Harm and Violent Tapestry has. You gain its base bonus depending on the amount of standard Rush stacks and when you activate an action skill the second portion of its bonus gets activated (also only affected by standard Rush stacks).

Just an FYI you don’t have to be a melee Amara to get skill points from the brawl tree. Only two skills buff melee and one is activated by melee.

Don’t be afraid…afraid…afraid…

It doesn’t track it as stacks, but it works the same way right? If I have 20 stacks of rush and then consume it, I will have 20 x [Alacrity buff] x 2. If I have 10 stacks, I would get 10 x [Alacrity buff] x 2.

So it still basically works like stacks. We just aren’t able to go past 25x2 like Do Harm.

Edit: Sorry, I misunderstood what you meant. You’re right, there is no stacks for this. It just work after a grasp or hit and gets refreshed if you grasp or hit again.

Yeah I know. I just haven’t played around with the skills there and aren’t very familiar with how they work so I didn’t want to give the wrong information.