Pheobe: 1800 damage with a single Blade Rush

Kind of a completionist. It’s what keeps me playing Battleborn despite all the changes. But am determined to get level 15 with all characters and all lore challenges before moving on

That being said, Pheobes lore challenge “Adonexus” is confusing…it seems that Blade rush shoots a half dozen swords, doing a few dozen points of damage each at most…any advice on how you get “1800” in a single shot?


Hey! I put you in the Phoebe section to heighten your chances of getting responses! Best of luck!

Kite a bunch of enemies, shoot the blades through them all. Works best on The Renegade or especially The Void’s Edge when you get teleported to the void.

crit a menagere on the saboteur.

dont need gear. dont need helixes.

nuff said.

Okay, I’ve tried the Voids Edge and Experiment. Didn’t work. This is the one I’ve heard of that does.
Equip crit gear, skill damage, and shield.
go to Saboteur
Use this build:,-1,-1,1,-1,0,-1,1,-1,-1,
Most importantly, use Raddopio.
Get to after the bridge, right before the third defense point. Weed the adds out. There will be a giant creature called a Menagerie. It looks like a giant momma Varelsi who throws skulks from her kangaroo pouch. Lead it to where it’s alone, and use blade rush directly into its face. The crit multiplier on it instantly gave me and others the lore. Hope it works!
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i did it in the void in void’s edge. killed the shooting varelsi first, made all the small ones follow me and then threw the blades while jumping over them. gear all had something with skill damage

Totally forgot about this when I was doing this lore challenge a couple days ago. Crits on menagerie do like 6k damage (hit them in the biggest white mask). If that counts, it should be cake.

Personally, I did it on Void’s Edge (while solo) when transported to the void. All you need to do is kite around the varelsi in a big circle for a few minutes until you’ve got a bunch of skulks all together and then run a good distance away so that they’ll line themselves up for you. Unleash a Blade Rush right down their middle at crit height and you should get it easy.

This is also a super easy way to get her Blade Cascade lore done, as well.

I’m sorry, what is the “menagere”?

It’s a unique type of Varelsi that only spawns in the Saboteur mission. It spawns in the area after the second defense point (the one where you fight the Maligner) just before you unlock the third defense point. It looks like a big, top-heavy Varelsi made out of a bunch of smaller Varelsi smashed together. Foreman Grall can also spawn them if you’re in a large group.

i miss spelled. it’s that giant skulk with the little skulks on it’s back.

You can also try boom-bots in (boss in the Experiment spawns them, for example), they recieve 10x damage from skills.