Pheobe just destroyed us in Incursion

Our 5 man premade of 4x 100CRs, very good players, just got worked by another high CR PUG.

A good squirly Marquis and Thorn. An El Dragon that was doing a very good job of disrupting, and then a Pheobe.

For the first 10 minutes we had a very strong push against their 1st sentry. Things were looking good.
Didn’t really see their Pheobe.

Seemedlike we were spending time preventing their Thorn and Marquis from getting comfortable in the sniper nest.

Then around the 10 minute mark, Pheobe is very much in our faces, all the time, and it was seemingly impossible to do any damage.

I looked at her Gear, don’t know the exact items,

But she had,
A Legendary Energy drink; assume speed and regen?
A legendary Gaunlet; assuming her legendary item.
An epic Shield booster.

I’m gathering she spent the first 10 minutes working on thralls, straglling minions and picking up all the shards she could, because we just didn’t see her.

Then for the next 10 minutes she was racking up kills and assists.

We finally got hwr once, but their team had 38 to 2 kills over the match.

Pheobe was absolutely mindbendingly good.

Her Legendary is a shoe.

Sounds like Go-Go Juice and Vow of Vengeance.

Go-go Juice increases sprint speed MASSIVELY
and VoV increases attack damage by up to 20% and attack speed.