Pheobe Lore Addonexus

I love playing her but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to unlock the Addonexus lore challenge. It requires 2000 damage in a single blade rush (which is one of her skills). I’ve equipped gear that has skill damage buffs and a cool down so I could keep em coming and upgraded her helix for maximum damage for Blade Rush and have come up empty handed. Anyone have any ideas?

I am doing the same thing as well but I think its gonna require a Reyna with giving you and overshield and a shield capacity buff in your gear to do. Since there is no limit to how much that one can go up if you time it right you can get an insane amount of damage in.

This is so far the only way I can think of that this is even possible.

What you might want to try us building for crit dmg, and try crit’s. I saw I guy, maddcowqq, during the early access do that and he got it. For some reason though he needed an over shield, and I wish I knew why x. X

The easiest way to do this lore challenge is to run Void’s edge solo. Build unintended inovation, core overload and the conduit. When you get to the conservator and he warps you to the other dimension kite the skulks to make them group together and then blade rush with your shield as high as possible.


because she has a perk to unlock that deal more damage relating to the shield.

Awesome tips, will try when I get back on later and let you know what worked.

thank you so much I just did it.

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tbh I had some trouble in the beta with it, posted a suggestion on it and someone took my suggestion and made it better XD. Forgot his name tho :s.

Japanman15 had the right plan, worked like a dream.

I have finished this now using the mission Saboteur with a Reyna i did a full damage build for blade rush with a skill damage up gear piece and then Reyna oveshielded me and I fired it at an enemy got it without realizing I got it tbh wasn’t trying at that specific time.

Japanmans way works. Its is pretty much how I did it. Except I used the mutation close quarters.

A tip for everyone, after you herd the skulks in place, make sure you strafe while firing blade rush. Each blade has to hit separate targets.

I disagree I think the reyna overshield is easier. With that said I did do your method for a different lore challenge which was to hit 8 enemies with Blade Cascade 5 times I completed it one go. I laughed because I didnt think it would stack like that.

Sounds like both work. I know I tried then Reyna method on two seperate bosses. Isac Magnus and the one from the void and it didn’t work for me.

The void method I did solo. So it was pretty easy. But hey, as long it works, its all the same to me. :slight_smile:

Literally got it first try with this. Thanks. Almost done with her Lore Challenges now. (Was running Skill Dam + Skill Dam on Minion Kill, Shield + Skill Dam on Minion Kill, Shield Recharge + Skill Dam)

So I just got addonexus doin the whole voids edge thing and I was at 1 of 5 for sky is falling. Well after I achieved addonexus a lot of those veralsie were still alive so I though whatever I’ll ult them… Sky is falling complete… So I guess everyone passed 8 counts as one too lol. Just thought I’d share that for another easy complete in the same area

Crits actually don’t help apparently. It was tested on ISIC. And her shield can buff damage

Ah thanks

I’ve almost mastered Phoebe last couple days and this is the last Lore challenge I need to complete.

Thanks for the tips, everyone!