Phoebe 100 Ops point video?

I still can’t find the 4th Nova 10 ops point mission, so does anyone have a video of getting 100 Ops points on Phoebe’s Ops mission?

there’s only 3 10 point ops missions in phoebe DLC! because the map is so big, instead of 10 chest ops, there are 20 chest ops scattered around the DLC.

here is the map that shows where each chest op can be

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To add, as far as I’m aware, one OPS point chest in Heart of Ekkunar is currently bugged and does not have a visible model. Instead you will need some kind of aoe to access it (as it’s most likely below ground and normal attacks will not break it)

Correct randomly one is hidden below the map.
The OPs per area are 10, 3 and 7

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do you know which one it is on that map?

Here are two videos showcasing the location. It’s very tricky to collect.