Phoebe - 1000 Damage Blade Rush Help

Ive tried both Renegade and Void’s Edge trying to accomplish this one but just can’t quite seem to nail it.

Last one I need for Phoebe.

Been using 3 pieces of gear each with an increased skill damage attribute.

I’ve been not taking the explosive augment and I HAVE been taking the augment where it draws from your shields to increase blade rush damage.

What am I doing wrong?

Maybe putting all of these topics on lore into one big one would help keep the forum less cluttered? Just a thought.

I accomplished it easily on the Renegade without even using skill damage gear. Just pick the right Helix choices and let the Blade Rush drop into a mob of thralls in the final defense point fight.

I think I got the one with Explosive AoE on them and MAYBE the shield drain to buff one, but not sure. Just try to aim it at the center of a thrall mob, maybe get some crits, should be easy.

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I used the explosive helix point

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Explosive helix and other helix options which increase the blade rush damage the most, all gear - skill damage, and do it in the void’s edge missions when the boss teleports you to space and many varelsi spawn, just walk around them, get many of the in one spot and hit the blade rush - boom and challenge complete.


That’s the spot where I’ve tried it a few times now, no dice…

pick lvl 9 left helix option, then stack some max shield and skill damage (max shield 140 item alone will increase your blade rush damage by 157%)

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Done and done.

Using a green shard gen with secondary + sjill damage, a purple +skill damage with secondary + shield strength and a purple + shield strength with secondary + skill damage.

Trying again on Renegade now.

How do people have trouble with this one? Like the 3rd time I’ve seen this posted. Is it bugged? I got it and wasn’t even going for it

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I guess. I always grab exploding blade rush though, so that could be why

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Reyna can help

Stack all skill dmg and shield. Do voids edge and move all barelsis to the center, kill ranged barelsis and keep mobing. Get over shield, Jump, fire and swap to hit as meny as you can

If reyna has solar sustainer it will be perfect. Or you can try ambra go left and solar sustainer bolas target will increase your dmg and increased their dmg taken.,-1,-1,-1,0,0,-1,-1,-1,-1,,-1,1,0,-1,-1,1,0,-1,0,

Why use purple when you can go legendary?

If you have Voxis Core - take it, if not, then you can pick the purple shield strength with skill damage.
Use Codex Fragment, you can stack 18% skill damage with this item alone.
And don’t use green shard generator, better use the purple one if you have it, you will not need to kill something first before you use the skill.

I did this solo.

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I’ll have to check if I have those Legendaries.

Ive been doing these all solo also.


Just checked.

I have neither of those Legendaries.

But I did replace the green shard gen with a purple + shield recharge + skill damage gear.

Didn’t read any previous posts, yet. May have redundant info here. (’-’ )

  1. Stack shield and skill gear
  2. Void’s Edge
  3. Take explosive, any +Shields strength and shield ups damage helix choices
  4. Final boss fight when you are tele’d to verelsi realm
    a. Don’t kill any Skulks
    b. Run around in a large circle, gathering all Skulks together in a large group
  5. Aim at large group and jump, then while in air look down at large group
  6. ???
  7. PROFIT!

Take care to not lose shields because higher shields = more damage. You may possibly need to kill a few of the Verelsi that shoot at you to ensure maximum shields!

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Arent the “draw power from shields to increase Blade rush damage” and the “blade rush does more damage to closer target” at the same Helix level, don’t you have to choose between them?

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Probably. It’s been a LONG time since I played her.

I’ll edit previous post


How would you hit multiple targets with blades if they don’t explode?

Third method: boom-bots. They recieve 10x damage from skills. You can easily find them in the Experiment during second wave (but not always) and during Anthem fight. Also the Algorithm, after you destroy first big shard to turn off laser vent grids.

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I suppose it heavily depends on one’s playstyle. If you’re going into hordes of mobs and wreck havoc you are likely to get it fast. If you are careful and prefer killing mobs one by one - not that much.

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Are the boom bots the taller, skinny rectangular ones that almost look like those loot containers that you open?