Phoebe and isic builds

so i started to play phoebe and gonna play isic when im done with her but what are the best builds to go with them. right now i have my phoebe loadout with a zero cost generator and cooldown and then “the codex fragment” this is my phoebe helix build,1,-1,-1,0,-1,-1,1,1,1, . im only lvl 4 with her and i feel like what would be good for isic is shield strength and atk damage to maximize tanking

For Phoebe you’re going to want attack speed and damage, with perhaps movement speed. A Jennerit epic gauntlet (secondary attack speed) or Vow of Vengeance and a rogue attack speed epic (with movement speed) works well. You’re going to want to deal as much damage with her as fast as you can, and to be completely honest, building her as a skillful tank won’t get you the most of Phoebe.

1 is preference. Either can be good, although one is skill dependent.

2 is obvious. The slow.

3 is choice or rank. 18 % melee damage. When you can consistently hit with True Strike, the mutation is an excellent choice, but not for the light of heart.

4 is usually the aoe. Easier to hit, and Raddopio is meh at best.

5 is Passaic Sotto only if it’s a tough match. Otherwise, Blade Sweep is superior. It actually does 10% more damage than Reprise (for some unexplained reason) so you can deal good damage to minions and enemies. This also has amazing synergy with Crosscut for huge damage.

6 is Contingency Plan all the way. Makes your approach an escape. Until then, right if there’s annoying healers. Left otherwise.

7 is clear. She has terrible damage skills. Use extra melee speed, she becomes amazing.

8 is preference, although I prefer right. Phasegate has terrible distance, so increasing that does little to improve it.

9 is preference, but generally not left or middle.

10 is almost always right. The mutation removes the moves strong zoning, damage and wave clear. The left is rather niche.,1,0,-1,0,0,1,1,0,1,

For an ISIC tank build, max shield, regen, and either shield regen, shield delay, or attack speed. Preferentially

For more info, visit each characters category on the forums here.
Good luck and have fun!

You kinda take part of the Shield build and mix it with the True strike build.

Also her contingency mutation lvl 7-8 or something is the one you take always. You will never have more up time on Phasegate than that.

Usually when you shield build you get part of your damage from True strike.

When you True strike you take both true strike mutations.

When you go melee attack you take the 18% damage and 20% attack speed.

All you have to do is remember to use both triggers at once and the dps is unmatched. Do that and it doesn’t really matter what ya do.

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im really starting to get the hang of her just five matches in and i was a complete badass with her using my pendles playstyle

Perfecting true strike is what separates the pro pheobes from the wannabe’s

There’s a lot of those wannabes. I think phoebe is the melee class I have seen underperform the most. So much to the point I get stoked when I see as they are usually free xp. It’s those good phoebes that catch me off guard and make matches scary difficult

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I see more bad deandes

Im ok with true strike but ya know i need more practice ive only played phoebe for like 3 hours

It’s worth mastering. It makes you much much harder to hit

small fact, you can chain all of her melees by holding both buttons down at the same time. It’ll just cycle through all of them. No need to work on timing or anything. Just know that when you start doing this, you have to hold the primary first then the secondary. You can’t just grab them at the same time. I Think it confuses the game and won’t trigger. When you do it right, it’ll be pretty great!..yur welcome.

i doubt ill need to do this, with my pendles playstyle im an absolute murderer