Phoebe and the Heart of Ekkunar Discussion

Well, today marks the last season 1 DLC. Go venture out, for science, and report your findings here. This is going to be the biggest lore bomb since Jythri wandered the halls of Discord

I’m going to go ahead and make clear that there will be story spoilers to those who look to learn and discuss. I love spoilers. Some do not. Those who come bearing the tantalizing beasts, please put your information in spoilers brackets. It’s located in the gear symbol at the top when posting, or can be summoned with these:

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Thank you for your discretion.

Then, to discuss, see, and submit gear, skins, and titles, go



Nothing specific, but:

[spoiler]Oh boy, this DLC will be fun with higher OPs points. Played it only once for now (getting late here and steam didn’t let me play for a while) but the end of the mission will become very scary when enemies get tougher. O_o

Will be playing the next rounds of it with Attikus too to have an easier time.[/spoiler]


Second run through I managed to snag all the chest Ops Points, as well as all the secondary objectives. Oscar Mike’s 40 point skin is RDC-GG “Golf Golf”. Apparently Beatrix really does know more about Thralls AND quantum physics than Phoebe expected. Also, she’s trying so scoop Phoebe’s article in the review…


Played thru twice now, on the second round made 50 Ops. (Thorn first, Shane second)

We all beefed about shards, OMG this dlc has Shards.
I’ve collected more shards than ever before in BB.


Ditto, Phoebe and Oscar Mike

Yeah, but there are also quite a few things to use them for! Especially useful in the final boss battle arena - man, that is insane!

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…It is fun with Shane, she didn’t even need the extra help there.
Boomerang everything, toss Fetch, keep running, thrown down an Ult…Woohoo


The best DLC of them all!

Played 3 times, first time missed 2 ops pts, second time collected them all and on 3rd playthrough missed one. I still can’t find how to get to that one jump pad way high in the sky up on the platform. (in the first area (pretty near where you jump down to that Thrall Enforcer)).

Finally feels like a true mission (they should swap Archive with this one ^^). Great length, great enemy diversity, great map layout, great dialogues, great massive battles. Orendi is perfect for this.


Oh man I’m sooooo stoked can’t wait to try it for the first time in a few hours!

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Shards were ridiculous and fun. Finiscian Wrench anyone? I used Caldy and it was fun avoiding the bosses attacks. I can’t wait for @lowlines script export (I seriously need it ASAP omg the story)

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If it’s the one where the Varelsi signal spawns, drop down to where the Thrall Enforcer is, deke around the pillar, and there should be a jump pad out. The isolated platform is also a spot for an Ops Points chest. if that’s not the one you’re thinking of, my apologies.

Correction: defeat the Thrall enforcer and keep going until you’ve cleared the elevator area. Before activating the elevator, look for a jump pad along the edge to take you across to an intermediate area. Duck around the pillar through the arch to a second jump pad that will take you out to the platform. I think you can get to the intermediate area from where the Thrall enforcer is, but I’m not 100% certain.

You want shards? We’ll give you some ■■■■■■■ shards! YOU WILL DREAM OF SHARDS AND NOTHING ELSE!

Ahem. I got all excited when I found all ten ops points before the elevator. Then I found an eleventh. Then a twelfth. It was around fourteen that I realized it wasn’t a bug, and I wasn’t getting a fourth challenge.

Way to mess with my scavenger instincts, Gearbox.

I only played through it once, but I can already tell it’s gonna be fun. My first was Orendi. Because when you’re going in to unknown, dangerous, and potentially haunted territory, send in Orendi. Not even Benedict’s stupid enough to go in first, but Orendi is sure as hell crazy enough to.


I’m on run 5 of Heart of Ekkunar right now.

Yo, the Name-Eater does not ■■■■ around. It’s like fighting a Dark Souls boss.

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…At 50 OPs Shane destroyed him FAST.

((excerpt of recorded briefing for mission labled “Princess’ Favor” aboard the Nova. Accuracy is questionable, as it is with all Rogue operations.))

Reyna: Okay, Miss Fancypants has use doing the scouting for her little excavation. It’s dark, dangerous, and possibly haunted, but if we do this right, the Hemsworth family is going to owe us a big favor, you got that?

Orendi: (sultry voice) Happy to volunteer!

Reyna: Okay listen up, if something needs to be killed, kill it, okay?

Orendi: OKAY!

Reyna: Don’t break anything unless you’re told to break it, okay?

Orendi: OKAY!

Reyna:. You can keep any loot you find, but the research team’s got first dibs, okay?

Orendi: OKAY!

Reyna: Any questions?

Orendi: OKAY!

Reyna: Yeah, that’s what I thought. Go get 'em.

Orendi: YAAAAAAaaaaaa-oof-. Yaaaaaay ghosts! (Subject out of microphone range)

Reyna: …sigh

Toby:. …Um… Miss Valeria? Why did you send Orendi? You don’t really think that place is haunted, do you?

Reyna: Well, if there are ghosts down there, that girl’s the only one crazy enough to know how to kill them.

((End recording))


Good DLC, fantastic on lore. Boss was underwhelming even at 100 points, being super easy to take on yet still having invincibility phases (I despise invincibility phases, it’s too forced of a boss mechanic). I like having the infinitely spawning enemies in the room before the end, where they really do start to swarm pretty hard at the end. Wish more missions ramped up spawn rates in an area until you found a way to cut them off all at once.

He got real close to killing Ghalt at 57 OPs, watch out for that blade he swings.
There were heavy thrall in the room when I came back down, fighting them wasn’t paying attention to the Boss.

Boy oh boy… just finished the last Playthrough.

I’m not gonna say what happens, but… it was surprising and left me somewhat confused…

Anyway, this OP had it all, lots of Shards, interesting Story nice Background… it really outshines the last two by far, in my Opinion it just knocked the first OP from my personal list of Favorite OPs.


Yea I just completed the 10the playthrough as well. Phoebe, ya dun goofed.


The Boss glitch is awful, pls fix.

Does anyone know how to get to the platform on the far eastern side of the first area?