Phoebe and the Heart of Ekkunar - Horde Survival Challenge (Spoilers)

#The Varelsi Horde Challenge

Play through the op until you reach the last three shards you have to destroy. A huge number of Varelsi will spawn. Start your timer or game recorder, for here begins the challenge!

Side note: I’m pretty sure the Varelsi continue to spawn infinitely until you complete the objective. If not, and you run out of stuff to kill, congrats - you’ve completed the challenge!


  • You must stay in the area of this last objective (the big circular room).
  • You may NOT build turrets or traps. You MAY build a single drone. Protect it well.
  • Play in Hardcore mode - no respawns. You may revive friends, however.
  • You may NOT use more than two legendaries in your loadout. Any other gear is fine.
  • If you get the “Activate Decommissioned Minions” objective, you may NOT complete this. If you do, wait until all the minions have been killed before beginning the challenge.

BONUS OPTIONS: Play while red-barring. As either El Dragon, Mellka, or Miko.

See how long you can survive - post your results below!


INB4 Server Time-outs. lol

Also Horde indeed. jesus they won’t stop comin’

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That’d make for good challenge/lore grinding too right?

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Should do. Also I can confirm the Varelsi do spawn infinitely - my current record is 26 minutes 34 seconds from entering the challenge room.


I LOVE IT :dukejk:

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