Phoebe and the Heart of Ekkunar Rewards

Rewards page is up. Remember to refresh your cache! Will declassify the Legendary descriptions once I see screenshots posted… Looks like I already need to do the boss drop and the Rogue one.


Looks like we are just missing the Eldrid one now.


Unlocked 5/6 of the gear cards found by the community.

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Calderius 40 ops point skin: J-HTX-T0 “Cepheid”


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So what’s Phoebes new taunt do? Also where are all the hidden ops points, and lastly is there anything special with this final operation? Sorry for so many questions but I haven’t tried it yet and wanna be ready when I do tomorrow. Thanks to anyone who can answer all this for me. :slight_smile:

and ISIC 2

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Yes. There most certainly is. #spoilers on the Unofficial Discord knows exactly what happens at the end of episode 10. I am going to play through it myself this arvo and then do write ups of the last 3 Operations including a bunch of theories I have been sitting for the last couple of weeks.

Hmmm… I do like the skins… Kind of… But the colors are very similar to what we already have. Battle School came with the green skins (And the base game also came with green skins) The 85OPS one is like a “mild” version of the Demon bear 85 one, both purple.

What does the Gearbox “Rainbow” look like? :confused:

That 85 OPS skin is gonna look very imaginative on Whiskey I bet…

@reliikki - Disclaimer not necessarily 100% representative of what it will look like in-game.

Gals skins incoming.

40 points: Paradise

85 points: Celestial


Well color me impressed, it’s potentially not the exact same shade of purple as his skin.


Isn’t he more blue than purple? He is called the “Blue Devil”.

I’m not sure mine and Gearboxes definition of Blue are the same. Granted, it’s actually a pretty debated topic, the difference between purple and blue.

Once you all beat the 10th play through, I have a topic in which I’d like to discuss theory about the implications of this DLC story!

This DLC was so good! I’m not crazy about the skins either, but the story was fantastic!
I’m so hyped to talk about it with people!

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I like the skins a lot, but is it just me or have we not really gotten any bright blue skins? :confused: Also does anybody know what phoebes taunt or Beatrixs new taunt look like? Also with this update did they add any new taunts and or skins in the marketplace? :slight_smile: thanks.

I like the skin theme, just… we already have green ops skins and a lime-green skin for each character. Can we replace the lime-green ones?

God Hand



Also the guy who wrote “Blue Devil” is colorblind and has issues with red-component colors :confused:

@dante_d_silva I know his pain :confused:

Are we still missing the Eldrid Legendary? If we are, here it is. If not, here it is again.


OMG attack speed and health!

I want it!

The healing bonus is icing on a sexy dragon cake!