Phoebe blade rush op?


Can someone explain me - the new player - please, how phoebe can deal 800+ damage from single shot on lvl 2 from the game start?

I’ve tried this character and played some matches, also i’ve read on wiki all info about phoebe but i didn’t find - how this character can oneshot people on game start?

I have found that Blade Rush ability deals up to 4x200 damage on level 10. And 4x30 on level 1.

No buffs on phoebe, no debuffs on me - she just teleports in and one shots.

Any explanations please?

Short answer would be : she can’t deal 800+damage in a single strike.

Long answer would require more informations ; did the game tell you 800 damage in xx seconds in the death recap ? 800+ damage is POSSIBLE in a very short amount of time, but it sure requires more than one strike. Phasegating, primary + secondary attack and / or even a Blade Rush somewhere can go a long way to dealing so many damage in as short as… 5 seconds ?

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Phoebe, of all battleborn, overpowered? Hahaha

after i was killed, i typed “R” on keyboard to look - what damage did i receive and from who.
I was playing mellka and there was only one player that damaged me for <1 second:
phoebe - blade rush - 802.90 damage.

I had 950 health from ~1100. So teleport did some damage (dunno, may by 50 or 100), then oneshot.

It happened several times in a row. Phoebe gets close - 1 shot with blade rush on close combat - death. 2nd and 3rd time i received ~720 damage.

100% that i received it for one shot. Becase I fought this phoebe player for about 1-2 seconds - she couldn’t cast even 2 blade rush abilities.

She had like 10 kills for 3-4 minutes.

It is a cheater or something? With lvl 10 ability damage on lvl 1?

Well if she was indeed level 1 or 2, no way on earth she could do so much damage with Blade Rush. It would require a specific setup of late helix choices to be able to deal that much damage in a single use of Blade Rush. Hell, there’s a reason people are having a hard time completing that “deal 2k damage with one use of Blade Rush” lore challenge, and it can really only be done in PvE with a super specific build and loadout.

On the other hand, Blade Rush CAN crit when it hits the head. But to the point of doing 800+ damage, I really don’t think so. BR at level 1 inflicts according to tooltips 34x4 damage, I suppose it is about 50x4 at level 2, so 200, so 25% of 800. No way each projectile could crit for x4 damage.

I’m curious now if there are cheats like that capable of augmenting skill damage or making a level 1 character behave like a level 10. It is pretty impossible to deal that much damage with level 1, 2 or even 3 Blade Rush, and get that many kills in 4 minutes…
Maybe @Slif_One could confirm ?

I see. Thanks for an answer. So probably it was a cheater.
I made i ticket about this.

And here I’ve been trying to figure a way to get that lore done for blade rush because it does seem to pop as done for me. Do I have to do 2K dmg to 1 target with blade rush because It didn’t even go off when I ripped it through a horde of minion bots and thralls.

Have a look here for tips :wink:

This is… Really strange. The only character in the game even capable of inflicting such radical damage is Rath, and that’s when using Dreadwind. To get 800 damage from Blade Rush on PvP even at level 10 is almost impossible, it’s so hard to land all four of those rapiers as their spread is unpredictable and the AoE from the explosive augment has a small splash radius. I can’t make heads or tails of this!?
Even after level 7 with the attack speed augment and with attack speed gear Phoebe can’t deal this much damage in <1 second!

I’d report this person, or throw my ■■■■ at a cat :confused:

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Not a Phoebe player, but pretty sure when I tried her, blade rush barely tickles at low level. There are characters that can do massive AoE damage by level 2, including Thorn, Oscar Mike, and El Dragón, but all have big, obvious indicators.

Not commenting on this specific situation, but the death recap screen is extremely unreliable. Once according to it I got killed by a Miko who dealt exactly 0 damage to me. Even when pressing R, the numbers it state seem most of the time to be completely false.