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Counted among the LLC’s greatest engineers, Phoebe Elizabeth Audelia Hemsworth IV utilizes powerful technology to move swiftly about the battlefield, and an array of five telekinetically-suspended swords to annihilate her foes.


The mostly-cybernetic LLC is the greatest economic power left in the universe, defined by a relentless pursuit of profit, no matter the cost. Once a constituent body of the United Peacekeeping Republics, the LLC abandoned the coalition when it became clear that principles and purpose did little to contribute to the bottom line. Owns and operates Minion Robotics, the largest weapons manufacturer still standing.


Health: 2/5
Power: 5/5
Range: 1/5
Speed: 3/5

Basic Attacks, survival, and passive skill

Five Virtues

Phoebe’s primary attack chains multiple melee-range sabre strikes, while her secondary attack launches her in a direction, dodging incoming attacks.


Phoebe’s high-tech formal wear and telekinetic sabres can be augmented to substantially increase her survivability and lethality.

True Strike

Phoebe swipes at enemies and activates her high-tech formal wear to propel herself in any direction.


After a brief charging period, Phoebe teleports to a target location.

Blade Rush

Phoebe launches a barrage of four charged rapiers, each dealing 52-70 damage.

Blade Cascade

Conjures a storm of falling rapiers dealing 505-730 damage over time to a large area.

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Hoping to see some gameplay of her or Marquis at Pax. LLC looks awesome.

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Sorry we weren’t able to show gameplay this time. I know I sound like a broken record saying “soon”, but…“soon”.

Thanks to your patience, we’ve really had time to focus on the game (rather than making pretty videos!) and I think we’ll all appreaciate that as things progress this year.

I promise, before you know it, we’ll all be drinking from the fire hydrant.

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Can the fire hydrant be filled with whiskey?

As long as it’s peaty-scotch, sure. LaPhroaig would be my preference.

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I can live with that

Okay moderators. Who mispelled the topic?

She’s P-H-O-E-B-E.

Pronounced “Fee Bee”

not “fobe”

Somebody! Do something!

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Well, it wasnt any of us moderators if thats what you were thinking. Derch didnt do it on purpose, please spare him his soul.

Either way, fixed it. :smile_cat:

Maybe someone from the forum spelled it right and the game devs spelled it wrong, did you ever think about that… :smile:

Hey Derch,
Any way you could update Phoebe next please?

(my current fav!) :innocent:

New gameplay from Ghostrobo

Great job, finding this video and uploading it to the forums as soon it came out.

Just as i thought, Phoebe is amazing.

It was pure luck.

I happened to be on Youtube, and happened to check Ghostrobos channel (not even subscribed) less than an hour after he uploaded it.

But yeah, Phoebe looks really cool.

New Phoebe gameplay =)

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Man, the player in that video was really struggling to make use of her Phasegate.

In that demo, it was particularly hard to get it to go exactly where you wanted…especially if you were trying to go up to ledges above.

We’ve tweaked some things since then that should make the experience a lot better.


Awesome! I think I’ve watched every Bliss playthrough online, and that was the first time I noticed anything - the game is looking really polished!

Yeah, when I played through the Bliss demo for the 6 or so times, I hadn’t noticed these issues that the player in the playthrough was seeing, but I quickly realised I jump. Everywhere. Boing Boing.

Offtopic I know (sorry), but borrowing this from @daerksiea

<img src= height=200 /img>

Can’t wait for the technical test (assuming I’m fortunate enough to make it in) and the first time I get to run around this game :smiley: .


Haha, I can’t wait either. While I’ve been lucky enough to run around the Bliss demo, still itching to get my hands on the PvP of Battleborn, as soon as I can.