Phoebe dlc - Take the Varelsi down quickly!

(Insert huge freaking picture of raging person here)

OK, I’m not even sure it helps to bring these things up anymore, other than just us chatting.

As many of you know I enjoy doing the dlc at 100 Os with each character.

The challenge above however is whack.

  1. It’s not possible with several characters.
  2. The dang Varelesi are teleporting all over the place.
  3. If you don’t succeed there is no indication, other than you won’t have the 10 points.

Each time I fail that one there’s a need for medical help. Mental and Physical.

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Yes, it is, with 5 to be exact.

Bring a Pendles + a Sharoux + a Deande + an O M on your team, have them focus on stealth revival (AND stealth activation of the anti-swarm pad at the end of the 3 + 3 shard cluster shields).


Are you talking about the challenge to take out the Varelsi in the 3 Ops point area in the middle?

If yes: Most of the time there is one of them glitched into the floor and it can’t be completed. When I’m solo I usually restart the moment that challenge pops up.

…Yes the area with 3 OPs where the elevator takes you down.
I have had that Varelsi get stuck there, the red dot shows but that’s it.

I’ve done the Phoebe dlc with teams, even with Rivaire (hehe)

…What I meant is, there are several BB characters that it is not possible to do solo with.
Didn’t mean players.

Gotcha now.