Phoebe dlc - timer?

we were at the boss when we suddenly saw a timer - one minute. we destroyed the boss but it was too late to fully complete it and so we lost. what happened? is there a time limit (not server time, that one was on one hour remaining)? i didn’t hear phoebe saying smth about it. maybe it has smth to do with the problems steam is currently having?

really not happy about that one…

I’ve heard people mention that the boss fights have separate timers. I haven’t ran into them myself though, so couldn’t tell you what the limit is.

I don’t remember seeing a timer in my (so far only) playthrough. That being said, Phoebe did mention having limited time (And I was in tunnel vision mode at that point)

There’s always an hour long timer. in Ops There’s a separate longer server timer only relevant if you keep it paused on solo for too long. It’s likely that

ok thanks for the info, didn’t know that :slight_smile: retrospectively some of my ops runs were really risky, i really take my time sometimes looking at everything :joy:

It really needs to be something we can see before 10 seconds.
Earlier today I was ISIC at 100 OPs with the Bear, killed the Bear and was on the way to the loot, FAILED.


I feel for these last two ops, 60 minutes can actually be a little short if you’re playing solo and being conservative (so you have spare lives for the final boss fight). Especially the case for Demon Bear though.

A five minute warning pops up in replace of your score. Still not much but it’s something.

On PC? Have never seen it, timer has run out on Attikus dlc several times.

Oh idk about PC. Sorry wiseone.

Not seen it on XB1 either. It probably needs to be an audible warning, since my attention is NEVER going to be up on the score region of the screen during play!

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