Phoebe glitch: phasegate

This happened to me twice yesterday.

I selected the level 6 helix option to instantly reset the cool down on phase gate.

So, I used phasegate while I still had shield. During the casting process, my shield was depleted. As a result, my first phasegate was cancelled (like if I were to have been cc’d out of it). So I didn’t get to use it at all.

The 2nd time this happened, it also glitched to where I couldn’t be healed. I went back to the healing station and nothing happened. It even showed 0.0 health regeneration while standing there.

I recorded the game clips of the phase gate glitch and tlme standing at the healing station.

Gt: c4lvitron

Has anyone else experienced this?

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Yes. Happens when I get cc’d or when I have it ready then I get hit then it doesn’t work. Or if I press the button quickly

Never had the second glitch. First one every match

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I got a healing station glitch at the indoor point on Temples (playing Orendi). I was standing on the walkway with the healing station, and it wasn’t giving me anything. Walked over to the point and it started healing me.