Phoebe Helix Level 9

For PVE & PVP what Helix option do you guys pick?

For starters I want to say I usually run with Regen/AtkDmg/AtkSpd and my method of fighting with Phoebe is I just run up to the enemy and stab them in the face

I ask this question because I’ve been playing her a lot and am 50/50 with picking [The Conduit] and [Close-Quarters Training] due to my playstyle

When I unlocked CQT I thought “Yay! Something that would be just for me!” since I’m always in the enemy face but in just eye-balling through several matches it doens’t seem like the 100% damage works or is wonky. I’m literally in the face of the enemy and do my Blade Rush but the damage is pathetic. I even pick the exploding swords

I do want to add though that I’ve noticed when I hit people with exploding Blade Rush it won’t do “that” much damage as to when I seem to aim at their feet or on the ground next to them. So maybe the mechanics of exploding Blade Rush + CQT is wonky?

Even in base the 12% from skill [The Conduit] seems like a better choice as it looks like it does more damage. And this is even before any of the shield buffs. I don’t spec for +max shield or +skill damage. I know if you spec into that Blade Rush does great damage but I feel my power is in my quick & powerful melee strikes

I’m just stating between those 2 Helix options what gives more bang for the buck?
(And the 3rd option isn’t even really a contender since who snipes with Phoebe?)

Honestly, this whole line is pretty useless. Blade Rush isn’t a very good ability anyway. I only saw that choice matter once, it was when trying to achieve the Addonexus lore challenge. Conduit was then arguably a better choice.

Rest of the time, I get Close Quarters Training by default. Shields melt fast anyway and IMO Blade Rush is only really useful when you’re using it shotgun-style to ensure every projectiles hit.
That said, I sometimes find myself using it from a distance to try and finish a fleeing foe I don’t want to follow, or to “harass” someone when I know it isn’t in my best interest to jump in melee range. So Refined Techniques could also have a small use.

But really that’s a sh!tty line which is close to irrelevant especially considering it’s placed at such a high level…