Phoebe invisible the whole game Bug / Glitch

So, I don`t know if it’s a hack, bug, glitch or whatever, but in the last game I played, the Phoebe was invisible the whole time. I know, Phoebe can’t go invisible, but she was the whole game. She got 25/0/9 carried the enemy team to win.

But the strange is, that four players couldn’t see her, while one player, who was my premade, saw her sometimes and sometimes not. So, a hack is quite unlikely that this was a hack but likely to be a glitch or something.

I have no pictures of this, of course. She was invisible so there would be literally nothing to see.
I found nothing in the internet about this problem, so I hope it’s correct in this forum topic.

I can corroborate this, but it happened to me with Thorn before. And I was evidently the only one who couldn’t see her.