Phoebe is insanely overpowered

Her DPS is waaaaaaay too high. Everything else is fine

You didn’t see her in the CTT. Sweeping entire teams.

I found her DPS to be on the low side after playing her for the first time since CTT, not to mention her skill damage is laughable ultimate aside. She does however have hands down one of the best aoe slows via helix, but using phasegate as an initiation instead of an escape puts her in a lot of danger.

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My friend who players her now goes 20+ and no deaths consistently. It’s not okay. She is waaaay too powerful.

He is a really good Phoebe then and the people you are playing suck. Phoebe is great at killing single targets, but she has no sustain. If you try to go up against more than 2 people at once with Phoebe odds are that you’ll lose or have to blink out with her teleport. Phoebe is really balanced right now.

I super disagree. But okay. She’s a tank AND she deals obscene levels of damage. I know the game is new and everyone thinks a particular character or two are overpowered, but I hope the devs make an exception and nerf the hell of Phoebe’s damage.

Phoebe is an assassin style character who is retained to melee. If you play her right she can do well, but its also not hard to actually counter her if you play right. Current phoebe isn’t very powerful at all in comparison to the other brutes in the game, 1v1 she’d likely lose to an boldur/galilea/kelvin/rath, not to mention any caster with a high level of situational awareness.
Her entire design is to have high damage. Without it she’s nothing, so short of removing her entirely from any form of META I don’t see anything logical to do with this suggestion…

I could however go for suggestions of buffs on some of the weaker characters, just not a suggestion for a nerf on a mid-tier character.


I feel like none of you have actually gone against her. You can’t win. No one will win against her in a 1v1. She teleports away if a team approaches her. I’m actually blown away that no one agrees. If she has less health/shield she’d be fine. She’s a tank and an assassin, how does that not rub people the wrong way? Also if you combine her with a medic you’re literally unstoppable (24-0)

This notion that “none of you have actually gone against her.” Is an interesting one… Oh well

-All I can say is, yes, I have gone against her. If I am just about anyone other than rath/whisky/shayne/montana/miko/mellka/marq/el dragon/caldarius (less than half the battleborn) I likely won’t loose simply because her damage is too high, but because I overestimated my damage and escape potentials. Otherwise most of the time I actually won’t have any major issue. She is an assassin so she’ll naturally counter certain battleborn. If you’re playing against her as a range character, I recommend staying out of phasegate range and poking her, she’s actually fairly squishy if you land some consistant harrassment.

The medics are a current discussion entirely seperate. All melee heroes and tanks need survivability, this is a fact, and when you combine them with healers this survivability gets a bit more extreme. That doesn’t mean make a non-healed melee character 1-hittable.

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I’d say that at the moment(as someone who has naver played AS her) she seems relatively well balanced, she’s got a high dps, but her abilitys don’t seem to do too much in the way of actually damaging people. Galilea on the other hand…I could go on for days about her

In my opinion, she seems fine. I’ve seen people wrecking with her and others not so much. It all depends on the player and what set ups you have for her. I like to use a full increase attack speed with her, and its very effective. My advice, be aware of your character strength and think whether you are capable of taking her out by yourself. Otherwise, ask for help from a teammate. That’s what i do with Galilea. God forbid i face her alone.

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Phoebe is possibly the best character for pubstomping/carrying right now. Her kill potential is extremely high against uncoordinated teams and she can destroy waves in literally 2 seconds (I once got 100+ minions and ~25 kills with 3 deaths). Perhaps this is why she seems OP to you.

However she isn’t unstoppable. Unless you forgo damage options in her helix she isn’t very tanky. She’s an assassin and has the same counters as other assassins. Predict when she’s going to dive in and prepare for an attack. Retreat when you clearly can’t 1v1 her. Let your team know when she’s around, etc.

I’ve gone against her plenty. And she is my second favorite character after Orendi. It is really easy to get shut down hard when you’re playing as Phoebe. Yes her damage is high, but she dies very fast to make up for it.
one good stun and she’s gone. If you can catch her after she blinks away she’s also dead. She’s a lot like Loki in smite in that sense where she’s really annoying to go against, but if you know how to counter her she can’t do much.