Phoebe is stronger than I thought

I used to not think much about phoebe until this last week. I have encountered a few players that have completely changed my perspective on how she plays. She’s very in and out, and she can shred someone in seconds when she dives. Coming from El Dragon, this is the play style that fits me best.

So I want to master phoebe. Can I get some tips from some experienced pokers? What’s some of her stronger helixes? What does she do better than others? How does she compare to other assassins? What gear is best for her?


You’re probably going to get some varied responses to this as unlike some other Battleborn quite a number of her helix choices can be viable depending on preference and build.

Personally, I’ve always liked the fact that even with how strong she is she requires a lot of finesse in her gameplay to be really effective. Probably why she’s not a very common pick.


Phoebe has multiple play styles with a hybridization of tank/hit and run, so there’s a lot of ways to do it. Take the helix that phasegate instantly charges when your shield breaks and warp in do your damage and warp out. After level 5 drop an ult and watch people scatter


The only Phoebe I met lately has been @RedX, and well …

… I didn’t really need to be convinced that she is strong in good hands, but I still was. To say I was impressed might even be an understatement.

Will watch this thread closely for tips since she is one of those characters I can’t even play against a bad team in PvP - even when my life depends on it. :smiley:


My team got absolutely wrecked by this one phoebe that ran shield strength and skill damage. I’m assuming they also took the helix as well.

Her damage was insane. And she could pick you out of the chaos and kill you before your team could react.


What i like about Phoebe is that a lot of her helixes combo and compliment each other. Possibly the most popular helix choices for phoebe is her middle level 3 helix crosscut withe her middle level 5 blade sweep as the bonus given by crosscut carries over to blade sweep which can deal appx. 200+ (can deal way more) damage nearly 2 seconds all around her. However right level 3 and left level 5 is a good combo cause it gives you a flat 18% damage increase on all melee attacks and damage reduction to emphasize her brawler aspect.

She also has a fair bit of health (which is awesome). gear that offer health, attack damage, and attack speed are great for her. I personally use a green jennerit fist, and purple jenerrit vest and regen,
cause it gives me surviavabilty and lethality (all that damage goes to my cross cutblade sweep combo) but a lot of players take an eldrid purple or green fist and sword cuz moar health. and dps increase.[quote=“lucasatlive, post:6, topic:1575072”]
My team got absolutely wrecked by this one phoebe that ran shield strength and skill damage

Sounds like this one went with pseudo-tank/skill focused pheebs: hard to kill while still dangerous. She can be built around her skills but in doing so her melee may suffer a bit, unless you find a good balance via gear and helix. But when it pays off…

Whats also worthy to note is that the level 1 choice can pretty much dictate how she will play late game. Her movement speed at level will be affected by her level 8 right to make her like sonic the hedgehog. even before that it makes her easier to get in and out of danger. The silence is good and with her left level 4 its possible to silence a group of enemies effectively shutting down a team all the while dealing death all around you.

I’m far from a phoebe expert so take my words with a grain of salt if you want REALLY GOOD advice then I summon @ShadowHaven (if this is the right shadow shaver im thinking of)


Abuse her insane melee range and massive slow and you will make people cry.

But you’ll also kill things, so… net positive?

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One thing I always appreciated about Phoebe is the viability of most of her helix.
Only about 3 out of 25 of her options are terrible
which is great when compared to most

Her two “best” builds are
Tank Assassin
Pure Assassin

But there are plenty of fun ways to build her


This… 100%. Her kit is extremely versatile and you can play her many ways. I won’t post all my builds but some of the gear I love using with her is atk speed, health, atk dmg and the most important one (I think) is movement/sprint.

My favorite helix choices:
Lv. 1- it’s a toss up but I’m leaning more towards aggressive advance though since the minion silence is gone :frowning: … in my eyes she really needed that. The silence can be clutch in some moments but too situational now. The extra movement comes in handy to get in, do what you gotta and leave before the team has time to react. Once they do, you are most likely dead in the back line.

Lv 8 Phase stability since it turns your aggressive advance to 9 second speed boost and your slow to 12 seconds.

Here is the rest,1,1,-1,-1,0,1,1,1,1,

To be good with her, be on point in following up with your team and when you dive in you don’t necessarily have to attack… just run away. Just by making the enemy team turn around to look at you (sometimes give chase) is enough for your team to take advantage of the situation

FYI-- she has weakenesses and is no way invincible compared to other melees


I like movement speed on Phoebe but if your not comfortable with doing her jump strike, move/sprint aren’t as helpful when trying to cover distance

Chaining strike while sprinting makes her pretty quick
I was really surprised when I did my movement speed tests and found that move speed doesn’t affect her strike

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Yea, you are right. This is where the finesse comes into play. One of the most important things to know with phobe is how effectively she can move compared to other melees. She has a lot of freedom in her movement


Watching a good phoebe just “flick” around and dodge attacks and aoe is fun to watch. And it just looks graceful af.


Can we talk about who counters her and why?

Sure… I really wouldnt call it “who counters her” but more like how to play smart against her.

Most phoebe players always have their teleport ready to escape so they hang out in the front line often. Poke her enough and she teleports away once her health gets to at least half or less so before she escapes just CC her to finish her off. (Many players CC in the beginning, gotta save it for the end for her)

Tips about her teleport- it has a charge up, the area that she teleports to lights up and you can actually hear the audio of it (if she teleports to you) within 2-3 seconds before she shows up. Many character moves cancel slow and once you step out of her field, it only slows you for about 1.5 seconds.

Not going to go through all the skills that help fight phoebe off but a common move all BB have is the quick melee, It helps a lot. Now, it just depends if you & your teammate helps quick melee her off or not. Many peoples reaction is just to kill her instead of just slapping her off someone.

Many phoebe players like to dive someone that’s by themselves so sometimes you can pretend you are somewhere by yourself and make her phasegate at you, run away to your teammate that’s around the corner and throw all the skills at her for an easy kill.

TLDR: Just play smart


Beatrix is a ridiculous counter to a phasegate centered phoebe. Silence in general is pretty upsetting.

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She can mess up any hero that relies on a skill to escape

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CC is a hard counter for everyone. Not sure this counts.

The teleport does have a charge up, but it’s like two seconds at max for you do anything, and if she’s directly teleporting to you, there’s a good chance you’re screwed anyways. But, assuming you aren’t completely at a disadvantage here, you have escape skills you can use. Sadly, that’s not everyone, but then again, that’s not a balance issue, some characters just don’t have escapes. Even if you do have an escape, she can nail you with blade rush and poke you once, boom, silenced for three full seconds.

Phoebe has the best stick power of any melee assassin in the game, honestly (Maybe Attikus, but he draws a lot more attention). If you quick melee her back, she has True Strike on ready to dash forwards. Quick melee works against other melee Battleborn far better, because it’s a lot harder for others to make a comeback. Phoebe has a lot of mobility, however. If she didn’t take the silence (this also assumes you can’t use an escape skill, because what Phoebe doesn’t take silence against characters with escapes?), she took the Phasegate movement speed. Which kinda just makes quick-meleeing null.

I mean, this should work, but it’s a little hard to make it work since your team needs to be frontlining (some of them) or sticking together, and a Phoebe should expect that. But at that point you’re just dumping your whole team on her, all that CC and damage. That will kill anybody (except, maybe, Boldur, because Boldur).


It’s too late here to make a proper response, especially through my phone. But I’ll tag @ShadowHaven if he wants to chime in here.

Beyond that, I’d just like to say that Phoebe may be one of the, if maybe not even the most overlooked character in relation to her potential. She has a lot of it, but most don’t realise it. I can’t remember the previous weeks, but at least our league games this week so far had Phoebe in each match.


I played phoebe for a few games last night. She is so fun to play!

I was building her more assassin like but once I get the right piece of gear I want to try her as shield tank.

Lvl 6 is so fun… phasegate in, ult, phasegate again. Two giant aoe slows and and swords raining from the sky. She can shut down a whole lane by herself!

And those dives! Healers learned to backline more often when I showed up in lane. I love how she can kill somebody in their own base and get out just as quickly. Also, those cooldowns are so great. I don’t feel as bad using my skills to waveclear cause you get them back so quickly!


A couple negative shield pieces plus a comeback king. 4 explosions in a row and no need for poking. (Or aiming for that matter)

Just keep diving just keep diving. So much fun!