Phoebe is the Helio knockback answer

OK, a lot of you surely have seen my many posts about leveling characters just for Advanced PvE…

Lately I’ve been leveling Phoebe, and I honestly like Helio on advanced, bugs and all.
So to my amazement, she is the perfect solution to the knockback trouble there.

If you save your skill for the right moment you can use it the air and save yourself.

Another nice thing, she can use it to get out of stuck brushwork, did that just now.

So…When you are flying and hating on Rendain who’s laughing, fool them all! :smile:


Or you can use Deande to Juggle Rendain while laughing to yourself :smile:

…Indeed, I mastered her a long time ago, now my Steam friends are begging me to try other characters. :blush:

Attikus counters knockback in the same way, you can use Pounce to jump forward in mid-air, because physics.


A lot of characters have answers to the knockback.

Caldarius can double jump/gravatic burst/ult
Benedict can double/triple jump/glide/liftoff
Attikus pounce
Mellka claw lunge/double jump augment
Thorn burst propulsion
Phoebe phasegate
Kleese hover chair
Orendi nullify
Montana lumberjack dash
Boldur boldurdash
Rath doublejump
Toby boosters

Pretty much half the cast has an escape.

For the rest I run the Wolfskin legendary on Helio for 50% knockback reduction.

…You made some truth there but I’ve mastered some of those classes and if you are thinking some of those can save them from a knockback on Helio you are mistaken.
Maybe I should have worded it better.

Please tell me which of those classes cannot save themselves from knockback and why.
Blanket statements carry little weight.

…I’d rather not debate this, just seems too stressful :wink: