Phoebe Legendary Gear Clarification

Any chance we could get some official clarification on Phoebe’s legendary gear?

“Gain 5% to all damage with each consecutive hit with True Strike.”

Does this stack with each true strike?

What is the max number of stacks?

What resets the stacks? Missing a true strike? The next non true strike hit?

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Yea. I read through that before I posted but it still doesn’t answer any real questions. Such as. If you take the skill that adds a second strike after true strike, does that count as another stack or does it use your stacks. What about the AoE mutation that happens right after true strike.

I said already numerous times: some descriptions in this game suck major league balls of steel. So obscure, so uninformative. I wish I could work with the developers to set stuff straight using the power of my OCD.


Idk. My only advice is get in game and run the numbers

Yea I’m kind of hoping of the community debs will see this an elaborate.

The funny thing is that some descriptions are actually very informative and have actual numbers and references to stack counts, when stacks expire, etc. Then others are vague, and say things about as useful as “Makes you fight better.”

I am not exaggerating when I say that I feel the Gear system was developed by three or four people who did their best to never talk to each other and set any sort of standards for communicating information to players. Where was the quality control? Who signed off on these descriptions? Why was one developer writing useful descriptions while another phoned in ones that are woefully lacking? Where was the oversight?

Anyway, it frustrates the heck out of me because Battleborn is, at its core, a good idea and a good game. However, there are dozens of places where things are poorly developed or developed unevenly, and the Gear system is among the worst offenders. You have some legendary items that are worth 1800 shards, then others probably not even worth 600, and then some that you are not sure of their worth because you don’t know how they work.

A lot of us would want to work with Gearbox to help make it a better game, hell I’d offer my time for free just to discuss with them about the numerous things that need to be touched upon.

This game needs more clarity, optimization and most importantly proper promotion!
The majority of people don’t even know what the hell Battleborn is…

Made some test and looks like it satcks up to 5 times and you loose your stack if you miss a true strike or after around 6/8sec without using it…


Most laughable legendary I can remember is that helmet which gives you something like 3% bonus movement speed while you are blinded. LOL! I wouldn’t use it even if it gave 30%. Hell, even if it gave 100%, characters that can blind are so rare, and blind usually lasts 1 seconds (I can’t remember any blind taking longer than that). 3% bonus movement speed for 1 second during which you can’t see? I wouldn’t pay 900 for that.