Phoebe Lore Challenge Help

I’ve been trying to go for the lore challenge that require I deal 2,000 damage in one use of blade rush. Every time I go for it I unlock all these skills on the helix that could help:

-Exploding Blades
-+15% Skill Damage
-+12% based on shield OR up to +100% damage based on distance (not sure which is better)

…and all three of the gears in my loadout buff my skill damage.

But even with this setup, I’m never able to complete this challenge. I try my best to group enemies together so I can get more damage off the exploding blades buffs, but no matter how many I gather it never seems to add up to enough.

Anyone have any advice?

Go on voids edge, the second mission take all the helixs 100 percent more damage is probably better explosion one is a must.
When you fight the final boss and you can transported to the varelsi space void bit, group all them together and use it.

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Got on my first run. Thank you :wink:

Getting gear for +shield is also an option.

All +shield gear with max stats give you +434 shield. Lvl3 helix gives you +240. This is 974 total shield and +117 to blade rush damage.

I think slightly less damage would’ve been better on this lore, but I love this challenge. It requires knowing the character and how she works to utilize a weak skill. It’s good design.

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THere is an easier way to do that => Boombot, they take around 1000 dmg per hit so you only need to hit 3 (sometimes 2 is enough with a good gear)

You can find them easily in algorithm specialy on ISIC and on the Experiment during the sentry boss fight