Phoebe lore challenges?

In particular, “Addonexus”. I’m only able to get maybe 100-130 dmg out of each sword hit with Blade Rush. How am I ever supposed to deal 2000 dmg with one use?

am having trouble maybe critical hit damage gear+skill damage. aim for head idk if they go through mutiple people. aiming is kind of wonky too >< theres mutation up to +100% damage based on how close you are i got 1.5k off one guy was close ish :neutral_face:

Get the helix that makes them explode, dealing area damage. Then round up a bunch of minions. Stacking max shield gear and using the helix that makes shields add to its damage also helps.

The 2000 damage doesn’t have to be on a single target, it’s just from one single cast.


oh i forgot the explode helix is a thing :no_mouth:

Thanks really helpful

The easiest way to do this lore challenge is to run Void’s edge solo. Build unintended innovation, core overload and the conduit. When you get to the conservator and he warps you to the other dimension kite the skulks to make them group together and then blade rush with your shield as high as possible.

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Great advice. Gonna try this as soon as I get back on. Never occurred to me to build shields up and then pick the helix to add shields to dmg. I always go with the other side that adds more dmg from range. The shields one sounds better.