Phoebe , Lore help?

So I’ve been playing as Phoebe for almost a while now and i came across her lore challenge where you have to deal 2000 damage with a single use of Blash Rush (i think, if not, then true strike but not sure). What are some tips to all you pros that got this part of her lore.

ISIC on the Algorithm. I had a Reyna to mark him with Priority Target, an Ambra to debuff with Sunspots, and used the level 10 augment that causes Blade Cascade to debuff for 16% extra damage, just to make sure. Wait for him to drop his core then debuff and fire away at close range. Take all augments that increase skill damage and Blade Rush damage as well, again just to be sure.

For me I went into the voids edge campaign mission (solo btw) as there are a lot of places where large groups of enemies are put together in close proximity of each other.

I brought some extra skill damage items and I upgraded blade rush as much as I could. Make sure to run explosive blade rush.

I ended up not being able to get it myself (although there are a bunch of places you can do it) until the very end when the varelsi constructor teleports you. I killed all of the hunters and rounded up all of the weaker evinces (by running around them in circles like a Carole dog) and then I used blade rush in the middle of them.

Hopefully that helps.

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I second using void’s edge solo and rounding up varelsi in the void


I personally prefer the Renegade. A lot of Thralls spawn together and closely on the platforms on the last defend objective. Just wait till they bunch up and throw a Blade Rush at them. Take the augments that increase skill damage as well as any that buffs Blade Rush damage will help.

This. I’d add take specifically the +%shield to Blade Rush damage helix choice, take everything that boosts Blade Rush or skills, grab items to amp your max shield and skill damage.
When in the “void” section of the final boss, run around until the Varelsi Husks are packed as much as you think you could packed them, then throw an exploding Blade Rush in the middle - it’s better to jump and fire it when airborne or else you risk landing the blade rush on the front line, missing all the little damage from the rear line.

As far as I’m concerned, the Algorithm method can’t work solo, it seems plain impossible. If you have the team mentionned by @Slif_One, it’s probably easier to do it there but it requires both people and some team coordination.
I’d still advise to go the Void’s Edge route, as that’s how I did it solo myself :wink:

Tonight was the night!

Only thing I had left to Master Phoebe was Addonexus

Gearbox must have fixed it, that bug everyone was talking about after the 21 July patch.

With a team on the Renegade and low and behold, bingo!
The Thrall minions running it did the trick, no special gear, only thing Helix specific was Exploding blades.

Master of Phoebe! :smile: