Phoebe Mains: Can you handle the dumbest possible Phoebe build?

If you want, you can try out the absolute dumbest possible build for Phoebe that I made. The goal is to give Phoebe a shield that instantly breaks upon taking damage and instantly recharges, allowing unlimited uses of Phasegate at level 6 (as long as you’re taking damage). You win by spamming Phasegate and being basically untouchable.

For gear, you’ll want two Epic Eldrid items:
one with +attack damage, +maximum health, and -maximum shield strength,
and one with +attack speed, +maximum health, and -maximum shield strength.
(you can also use the +skill damage or +critical damage items with +maximum health and -maximum shield strength instead)

Then, any Epic regeneration item (preferably Jennerit, UPR, or LLC).

At level 2, pick Shield Resonators. At level 3, pick Sharpened Blades (Shield Stabilizers will make this build unusable)
At level 6, pick Contingency Plan.

Side note: Don’t purchase your -maximum shield strength gear until level 6. Doing so will cripple you until you hit level 6. Also, make sure you don’t teleport while you have a DoT on you, or teleport into a DoT. This will down your shield before it recharges, meaning you have to wait for the cooldown or until your shield recharges and breaks again.

I would love to see someone who is good at Phoebe and has all the gear necessary use this build. Try it out and tell me how it goes.

I use this build, yes I have the gear. I usually go additional damage and + damage when taking hits (-140 shield), vow of zealous fury, and skill damage/+ skill damage with taking health hits (-140 shield).

It’s fun, great for pug matches but it lacks utility, utility that can help your team such as the silence and 6 second slow. Those utilities are amazing on Phoebe and shouldn’t be over looked. So to answer your question, yes it’s a fun build to trick out too on pug matches but if you are playing competitive, I’ll leave it at the door.

I believe this is the reason Phoebe is the only characater to add shield to damage without breaking the sheld. Then you could Phase, throw swords, phase without ever taking damage. Amazing for chasing. Otherwise I don’t know why she’s have something different from Kleese and Deande.