Phoebe mastery at rank 8?

I might get trash for this, but I’m playing on PS4 and I finally finished all her lore once I hit rank 8 with her and It unlocked her mastery… I kinda feel as though this is a glitch considering I don’t unlock anyone else’s until all lore is completed AND I hit rank 15 with them. I don’t mean to be a spoil sport and make people actually have to complete both, but… yeaaaa

Hmm, that is weird, but I don’t think you’ll get trash for it. Not your fault and rank is really just a matter of time, so hey, close enough.


Nah but seriously, it’s weird. Good for you though :stuck_out_tongue:

My friend completed her lore at rank 13 on PC and it also instantly unlocked the mastery title.

I actually got the skin a bit early, when I just reach rank 15 but did not play a match at rank 15 yet or something… Had this happen with Phoebe too, but not with Miko.

When I got to Rank 11 I finished her lore and also got mastery. I completed the Lore with Rath first but not rank 15 so I was wondering which one was the glitch. Lo-and-behold, Phoebe seems to complete prior to rank 15. I mean, Im still getting her to Rank 15 anyways so really no big deal but still.

PC User too