Phoebe Mastery Bug

So yesterday I finished the Phoe lore challenges at character lvl 8 on Phoebe, and after I finished the lore challenges I received all the master rewards (Title, skin, heck even the mastery challenge said it was completed). But I obviously didn’t complete the mastery at character rank 8 and even though the challenge is completed in my character screen the requirements to complete the challenge only have the lore mastery check marked and not the “Play one game as lvl 15” part of the challenge. Just putting this out there, I haven’t seen anything on it yet.

The phoebe forums are full of posts about it. Got mine few days back at lvl 6 good on yahoo though mate.

Oh, I didn’t see any when I looked through them yesterday… well thank you.

Shhh! You weren’t supposed to say anything!
They might patch it now.

That happened to me as well so I opened a ticket with gearbox and the person I talked to mentioned that it happened to them too and that it is a known issue, they asked me to clear my cache and check if it fixed anything. It didn’t and that was that.

As Phoebe is one of my favourite and most played characters, I’m proud to say that I got my mastery legit! :slight_smile: I waited until level 15 before completing the 2k Blade Rush challenge, I thought that since you have to play one match after reaching level 15 I’d use that to play a PvE and complete the last lore challenge.

But, I do think this should be addressed. Not as a priority, but eventually. Just think how many non-masters are using that title, laughing at those of us who went through the grind to mastery? Damn you non-masters of Phoebe!

I didn’t want to say anything, but I just had to because I love this game and want everything to work like it is supposed to.