Phoebe Mastery challange is glitched!

I just did my last lore challange to get my legendary and I am only rank 10 but the game gave me both the Title and Skin for Master of Phoebe!!!
I feel kind of dirty using them without reaching rank 15 as I put all that time in to mastering Rath to get his Still not a Vampire skin.

This happened on the Ps4

Hope you guys get this ironed out. I will still be going for rank 15 regardless and I do not plan on using the skin till then :stuck_out_tongue:

Same thing happened to me on PC. Used the skin and title once to show my friends this happened, and seems a lot of people are running into the issue too.

Though, I am glad Gearbox chose who I am mastering first for me. Too many good options to choose from. Only like 7 or so levels to go.

I’m in the same boat, got the title and skin at lvl 10 when I finished her lore, not using it til 15 though.

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I’m on ps4, earlier I had 3 of the lores left to do, addonexus, the sky is falling, and my Butler buddy. When I completed addonexus it also completed one half of the phone mastery challenge, and now after finishing the rest of the lore the other half completed giving me the title, skin and legendary even though I’m only at rank 8 with her.

Same thing happened to me. I didn’t get the achievement, so I’m kinda mad.

Yeah this bugs been around for a while… It seems to count Phoebe rank 10 as Phoebe rank 15…

Am i the only one excited about spotting that gamecube conch? So many great gamecube memories flooding my mind.
Ahhhhhhh good times.

Same thing happened to me on XBO.