Phoebe on Overgrowth

I just had a match which, like most matches, was fought at the choke point near the sentry, our sentry to be exact. So what I’m wondering is how do you play Phoebe when you’re pushed back like that? I fell behind everyone in levels despite building every chance I got with a shard generator and wrench equipped. I tried to kill minions but every time I did I was pulled by Ghalt or stunned by Galilea after that happened I was focused and kill in the blink of an eye. I tried to wait for the minions to come passed the choke point to avoid the risk of the pull or stun, but by that time my allies had already killed them. I tried to flank and take out low health enemies and was again focused and killed. I’m a master of Phoebe and have no trouble playing her in any other situation. In fact I usually end up with the most or second most kills on the team. I ended this particular match 2-12, probably my worst match ever with Phoebe. I guess the question is, how do you play Phoebe on Overgrowth and specifically in the situation mentioned above?

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Overgrowth is the only map I’ve ever played her on and had an average of 20 kills and 3 to 4 deaths. If it’s starting to look like this, unintendedly innovate waves, Phasegate em, and then run around and gather shards and Thralls. Nonstop. Rinse and repeat. Once you get ult, secure doubles by flanking. Rinse and repeat

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Sounds like you just got outlevelled and suffered for it.

When you’re on the defense as a melee and you have ranged waveclear it can be hard to tag minions and get your exp.

I would suggest making good use of blade rush to tag the minion waves in these cases. If you take the exploding blade rush better still since you’ll tag more each time. Just wait until they’re being focused by the AOE characters then drop a blade rush in. Building up the back shock turrets to full is another good way to farm XP when you’re stuck in your base.

My general strategy for Phoebe on Overgrowth is to flank a lot, especially at level 5-6. When you’re stuck at your choke and have your ult you can come from either the perch or the tunnel, drop in or phasegate into their territory, drop your ult and even stab any lone wolves to disrupt and give your team a chance to counterpush. If you can kill a couple of players in the process it can be match changing.

But I wouldn’t advise fighting straight out of the choke. Phoebe is a big target and will get focused if you attack head on.

EDIT: It’s also very viable to dive in for the mid shock turret anytime it’s down, then escape through mid thrall by phasegating up the ledge. It’s a good loop and can also run distraction.


Thanks for the help guys. I main almost all melee characters and they’re very hard to play with the current camp meta. This helped a lot though, thanks for the advice!

No worries :slight_smile:

Phoebe’s ult is also very good for breaking up a rift/sunspot/egg camping ground too, so don’t be afraid to burn on ult on all their assets if your team lacks AoE.

This is a fun strategy that I do and surprised many people fall for: when the enemy team makes the push and at the choke point next to your area, I quickly go to the double shard area. Get their attention with a blade rush and start taunting… I guess they start to think “free kill” and they chase me to double thralls and I quickly teleport back on top (the ledge area). I tell my team 2-3 chased me to double thralls and they push out hard, kill whoever is left and sandwich the people that are running back to middle. Then we take everything back over. :slight_smile:

I do this sort of thing with Pendles a lot.

Stand on their home thrall pad while they’re fighting it and get them preoccupied trying to deal with you while your team gains lane control. Yesterday I had three enemy team trying to chase me out of there while we made a push.

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