Phoebe Op Bugged Out

First run of the op and on the part where we had to kill enemies at the elevator, there was a red dot on the map but the enemy was either above/below the map. We waited a bit to see if it would automatically but sadly did not and we had to quit, not a problem though! Hopefully this was a one off but I’ll tag @Jythri incase it is a problem that needs fixing! Thanks :slight_smile:

Didn’t have that on my run through, but there are so many platforms in that first section it could actually have been back above you.

Yeah we looked around but couldn’t find it, also couldn’t jump up the platforms to check.

I just had the same issue, the floaty varelsi disappeared and I couldn’t go down the elevator

I haven’t had that issue, but the Boss fight seems to keep glitching out on me on the third energy tower. It flashes and all the enemies disappear, including the boss.

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Second run of the OP. After destroying the second shield generator for the last boss, the boss just vanished with all adds.
Had to suicide to keep whatever we picked up.

The sentinel all over again.


I got through about 4 goes before it started, but it’s done it every time since the 5th.

thats terrible! fml…

I stopped after the third time it did it.

I ran the op a couple more times afterwards with no problems, so hopefully it was just a one off thing. I just hope I don’t run into that disappearing boss glitch though because to get that far into the op and then have it bug out… Ouch…

I have a video coming soon on this… What a total buzzkill this run was.

I beat 10 runs without a single glitch. Maybe I got lucky? I’ve seen people saying things like even the last boss disappeared on them and the mission became unbearable. That’s no fun. =[
My only advice is don’t get discouraged and keep pushing through. The story is certainly worth it!

There’s probably some weird spot in the game’s topography that triggers the glitch, so hopefully with enough examples it can be located and fixed. Seems to be a bit of a problem across multiple games built using UE3.

I haven’t had the elevator glitch yet, but I did have the Boss disappear which forced me to fail the mission. Then I had a new glitch that actually benefited me.

Immediately after I destroyed the second power source he teleported there and stayed there the rest of the game. So I went to the main room, killed varelsi, did the third power source, and then went back there and killed him. Most of his attacks couldn’t even hurt me because his back was turned away from me. Haha.

Rivaire and I had the elevator glitch and we’ve had the 99 OPs thing more times that not.
I’ve completed 21 runs on this dlc now and haven’t seen the Boss bug yet.

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here is what my group faced

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Yep this is how it was for me! Also had the same side objective as you, could be related to that or could just be coincidental!

Having a hard time understanding why with all the timers in the game they don’t for safety measures put a Flush timer in things like this. Good example of that working is The Renegade when there’s a stuck thrall.


Well somebody found why we can’t get to 100 op points.

@Jythri, @JoeKGBX when are you planning to fix this? just check this and it doesn’t appear meaning that there’s more than one op location bugged, this literally makes this op unplayable, it all falls now if you get an bugged op location or not to get to 100 ops and I don’t think that’s far for anybody whether it was intended or not.


This the Elevator glitch and the stuck Boss.