Phoebe slow downs need a nerf

Why do we have a melee character with a slow down when they can already teleport? I get other melee characters that have to run to get to someone but she teleports. remove her slowdown or reduce

She’s an assassin she’s supposed to take down single targets with ease. Besides its the only cc she has besides the crap silence that hardly anyone I see playing her uses


Yea, I see no issue with the slow at all especially since it lands where she’s going. If she could leave a slow effect at the area where she’s teleporting FROM, I could see that being a little unfair as she’d always be able to escape as long as phasegate wasn’t on cool down. Can we PLEASE calm down with the nerfs. Everything that’s tricky to deal with doesn’t mean it needs to be nerfed.


The slow’s duration (6 seconds) is longer than the slow imparted by some ultimates so maybe 3 seconds would suffice to keep it line. This does only become a concern mid game however; with the 2nd phasegate helix when her shield is broken so it’s a safe offensive tactic so whether or not it needs a reduction is up for debate as it is counterable by the select few agile characters.

That said whilst playing Alani I’ve been hit with the slow placed her in a geyser as a counter and the duration was long enough for her to still catch and kill me 50% of the time haha I have bad experiences with phoebes

If she’s able to Phasegate to you and slow you down and kill you, you’re probably out of position and nowhere near your teammates. That’s what assassins do. Plus it’s the only viable CC skill she has. Blade Rush is probably the single most useless skill in the game right now.

And yeah just because a good Phoebe outplayed you doesn’t mean she needs a nerf. Bad Raths that spin to win you however…

[quote=“Tonberry21, post:5, topic:1528192, full:true”]
If she’s able to Phasegate to you and slow you down and kill you, you’re probably out of position and nowhere near your teammates. [/quote]

Heh… no. Unless you consider anywhere outside of spawn to be “out of position”. She can kill me as Orendi without effort. But I’m OK with this. Wrath does the same thing, as does Galea to a lesser extent.

No. Not everything that is strong needs to be removed/reduced. Every character has their own strengths. Learn what yours are and how to exploit them and those of your opponents and how to combat them.


Thank you, people don’t seem to understand the roles of characters when these threads are made. Well said misguided

Lol, thanks. I assure you I have been the victim of that kind of thing many times. I’m not a pro player, like AT ALL. What when someone gets the best of me or pulls off something crazy, I try to understand how they did and how I can keep it from happening again.

A couple of days ago I was playing Orendi and overextended a bit. I managed to nullify and get the heck out of a bad situation with a sliver of health left. I turned a corner and thought I was safe. Then I saw movement out of the corner of my eye.

"What’s that?"

That was Benedict’s ultimate.

Well played, sir. I should have realized that possibility and not stopped running after I turned the corner. Heck, even then it probably wouldn’t have mattered. But it was a great job by the opposing player, and while I was pissed about it for a second, I had to give them props for getting the best of me.

Every Battleborn is OP in some way. That’s part of what makes the game fun. I’ve often gone and tried to play a certain character after an experience like that and often conclude that while the other player might make a thing look easy, it’s a lot more difficult than it looks.


If you think her slow is bad, you should have seen her stun.

Phoebe is fine, her slow is annoying but not game breaking.

Her stun was game breaking.

bordul has a slow even he has a dash
S&A has a slow even though they have a pull and stealth
Attikus even though he has pounce
Kelvin can get a slow even though he has sublimate
Gal can slow even though she can get a pull and has a stun.
El dra gets slow even though he has clothesline.
Dende has a slow even she has stealth
All these melee have a slow even though they have a gap closer rath is the only one who has to run and he get a knock up to close the gap.

Which is why I added ‘nowhere near your teammates’. Good Phoebes don’t Phasegate blindly, yknw. (;

Rath also has a slow on his crossblade attack, its his level 1 left ability.

Well lets not forget…he only true cc is also her only escape!


I definitely agree. Her slow is a bit too much considering how easy it is to land and how impossible it is to avoid.

Blade rush is still nice

That spelling though…

She can pick off characters easily, and Orendi is a squishy character. Orendi is actually a counter to Galilea so if your getting killed by Galilea as Orendi easily then you might be playing her wrong.

…because it’s her only tool in her kit that allows her to have advantage? It’s not nearly as broken as rath. He has a knockup, a silence and a slow and a massively lethal moving AoE. She has a teleport that slows and really weak kinda inaccurate swords that after a full combo can potentially silence people. And an AoE thats weaker and stationary that has a startup time of like 2 seconds.

Trust me, phoebe’s only nerfable thing is her base dps, and if you nerf that, you’re only nerfing it very slightly, no more than 6 percent, but probably 5-3% if any at all. But rath, he’s got a lot of problems, mainly he can use all three of his abilities to guarantee himself a kill. The only battleborn that can guarantee a kill, regardless of his own health going into the fight, or what character, as long as they aren’t a tank. If they are a tank, the kill isn’t guaranteed, but close to it.