Phoebe spin to win taunt

Phoebes spin to win taunt animation doesn’t work correctly during character selection screens and the opening intro of pve with everyone being showcased. This is for ps4, not sure if anyone has this problem as well.

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Wouldn’t work for me either like you said in character selection and the intro before the mission, I’m on ps4

Same for me and my friend on Xbox.

However if you spam it quick enough in the character select she actually spins her rapiers which isn’t normal. Maybe there was a left over animation where this was an option and it’s causing bugs outside of matches?

Are you talking about this taunt?

Yea that’s it. I think it’s a great taunt for killing rath lol.

It’s a fun taunt, but doesn’t work in character selection, or in the PvE story missions and stuff.

This taunt works only during a match or story. I noticed it wont show up during character selectm but once the game starts it works just fine.

Indeed. Its the reason I played as her. She was my first unlocked taunt, which led to me playing her, loving her, and never looking back.