Phoebe Tips and Help

I’ve been using Phoebe to farm LLC commander packs in preperation for KU and I’ve been wondering the best way to get her more PVP oriented.

I play her in the Attikus DLC as a tanky character as she has plenty of killing power but needs extra health/shields to prevent being 2 shotted.

I finally got her legendary- is it worth it? from my interpretation it should work like the Vow of Vengeance right? I feel like running the two of those and an attack speed mod would be great, but I’m not sure.

As for her helix, she has so many great choices and I’ve heard that some choices are better than others but i’m not sure why. apparently some love her secondary attack helixes that boost it

If this thread was in the Deande section (and actually about Deande) I’d be more help, but since I’ve kinda made Pheobe my 2nd I think I can give a little advice.

What I like to do is stack my attack speed and shield health. With the helixes there is one that gives you more shield and one for more attack speed. take those. Then take the mutation that makes your phasegate instantly cool down when your sheild is broken. Take the slow on phasegate too, and the silence if you want to make damn sure no one escapes.

I like to attack with blade rush for the silence, then phasegate for the slow. Then I lay into them with my lightning fast melee speed. maybe pop an ult. Then when i get low on health I have a phasegate again for escape.

Don’t know about her legendary though. never even looked at it when i got it.

True Strike for the win.
Phoebe can even do 100 Ops Attikus with that, just make sure you use both melee skills together.

Hello! To be a really good phoebe you need to learn how to true strike well. Use it for speed and dodging, her melee & true strike have really good range so try to avoid being all up on people’s faces so you don’t get CCed. If you know your characters, they usually have a short animation before they use there skill so you can learn to dodge them with true strike.,1,1,1,-1,0,1,-1,0,1,

Try that build

Gear: att power +speed + movement speed/sprint

Two to three builds. First off, always build for max damage. You can either take Crosscut or the extra melee damage at level 3. This depends on if you can land her combos well. Next, take Blade Sweep at level 5. If you need to, take the damage reduction if you are getting killed too easily, but not if you took Crosscut. Level 7, take flurry if you took sharpened blades or the damage reduction. Otherwise, take core overload. Flurry kills her Crosscut abilities. Engage against any wearing you see. Take out minions with blade sweep. Use blade rush to confirm kills. You can use her ult to confirm an important kill, kill multiple squishies, or melt waves and disrupt enemies

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Her legendary is trash. It only works if you hit true strike consecutively

Wow phoebe is my second main too

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this is the build I’m thinking of. I’m just not sure if I see why true strike should get so many buffs, buffing her main melee strikes seems like it would be more beneficial.

I think this with a +skill damage/+attack speed, +attack speed/+max health/ and vow of vengeance would be good

Yup, this is a great build. And the reason why is, with blade sweep, she only uses the last two hits of her main attack stream, so Crosscut activates often, and if she uses Crosscut with blade sweep:
4 attacks
2 normal ones
1 x 2.5 x 1.5
1 x 1.5
= 1.5 + 3.75 + 2 = 7.25 ÷ 4 = 1.8125

Blade sweep with sharpened blades:
4 attacks
3 normal
1 × 1.5
4.5 x 1.18 = 5.31 ÷ 4 = 1.3275

In total, a DPS increase, especially on the move that hits the most enemies.
Again, that’s a good build, the only thing I’d take differently is right at ten, as I simply prefer it. Good gear too.
(People who math correct my mistakes. Or give me values for her attacks at level 10 please)

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I consider myself a decent Phoebe player and I always thought that stacking attack speed is one of the most important thing for her and that taking Flurry along with Crosscut would be better since it would proc faster. I’m not trying to question what you said but I do wander how come Flurry doesn’t work well with Crosscut?

It’s not so much that it kills Crosscut’s performance, but because it’s a waste of a helix choice. Based on a guide someone made, True Strike is unaffected by attack speed. So no matter how fast you throw out the last 2 hits of her primary in between, True Strike/Blade Sweep will always come in the same time increment. So Core Overload becomes better by default.

Idk if it’s true though, never tested it myself.

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Thanks for clarifying :slight_smile:

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Slif_One has a guide focused on this problem in the Phoebe thread. I can’t say exactly specifics

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