Phoebe's Addonexus Challenge

I’ve been having no luck in being able to finish this lore challenge; I have a gearbox which gives +10% skill damage and I take all the options which increase Blade Rush damage. I’ve chosen close quarters training and the damage amplification from Cascade while hitting all with the blades, but still no luck. I tried using Conduit instead of close quarters but still nothing.

Has anyone been able to complete this?

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Got ya moved to Phoebes Beta section.

Yeah, I’ve been struggling with this one too. What I’ve been trying to do is use gear that increases skill damage, and put all her augments that I can into blade rush, and take it into the algorithm story mission, and use it to get 4 crits on ISIC when his core somes down. No luck yet though, so maybe I’m barking up the wrong tree as well. Her 9th augment adds damage the further you are, so maybe I’ve been sticking too close in with it.

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Thank you, I was just about to ask someone to do that.

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Exactly what I’ve been doing actually; and her fourth mutation adds damage the closer you are. I think the main problem is the low base damage of Blade Rush. I think it’s 50 +2/level, but I’ll check that later. But considering it caps out at 100 per saber base damage, you’d need 500% extra damage to reach 2000 damage.

Right. Perhaps a character with some form of debuff might be able to help with it, like Galilea’s desecrate. It’s never explicitly stated what the damage buff from that is that I’ve found, though.

I haven’t been able to get it myself, but I do know one of the early access streamers was able to do it (maybe if you search his past broadcasts you can find it, his twitch username is MadcowQQ). I’m guessing you’d need to maximize your shield strength and take The Conduit. I’m pretty sure overshield will add to the skill damage as well, so you could theoretically get ~120 extra damage per blade (i.e. you need a Reyna on your team).

Next, I’d either try to either use it on a boss in multiplayer with a lot of minions around (perhaps void’s edge first boss?) or get lucky enough to get all five enemy battleborn together in comp multiplayer. With that amount of damage per blade, you’ll need to pierce at least four enemies with every blade.

Although if it does indeed have a damage cap of 100, you’ll need to pierce at least six enemies (each needs to have at least 400 health as the excess damage won’t count) with every blade which doesn’t seem impossible given the right circumstances.

Thanks so much for the info. I hadn’t yet thought to use the pierce effect to stack the total amount of damage done. I’d always thought of it as needing done against a single enemy, but in hindsight it doesn specifially state that. +1 internets for you!

Post here if you can find a successful way to do this in one of the missions. Been at it for two days in Multiplayer as well with no luck.

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Alright well I’ve been looking around a bit and the wiki says that the damage capped out at 200, but that seems to be outdated information. The actual Battleborn website says that each rapier does 52-70 damage, which is rather low in my opinion.

If the damage actually did used to cap out at 200 per rapier, that would be understandable since that would be 800 damage so just 2.5x damage to reach 2000, but if it caps out at 72 damage as the base then you’d need to pierce 7 enemies with each rapier.

Considering the 200 damage cap was true, perhaps the lore challenge is outdated?

Is it 2000 or 20000? If it’s 20000 im scared if you can achive that

It’s 2,000

Oh thanks! :slight_smile: You could also use Reynas Priority target so you can do more damage

OK i’ve been trying this for a while now and I think that it is maybe doable. You’re gonna need at least 4 ppl in Void’s edge and a very specific skillset. You’ll want unintended improvement(the one that makes them explode), core overcharge(15% extra skill dmg) and either the longe range or short range lvl 9 skill(whichever works for you). You’ll also want some gear that boosts skill dmg(i think 15% should be enough). You’ll be looking for a group of at least 5 enemies(probly Varelsi) and you’ll want the blade rush to do 100+ dmg(more enmeies=less dmg needed to be dealt). This is most likely the only way you’ll be able to do this lore challenge i think. GL and if it works i would love to know ^^.

Edit: It might only be possible with the long range modifier as I only got 96 dmg with the close range one ; ;

Hihi. I just got the challenge done without much hassle, but still didn’t get her Addonexus legendary. I suppose it’s not out yet. I went to that second mission and planned to achieve it during the void phase of the conservator fight. Taking increased shield strength, having the blades explode on contact, taking increased skill damage from a few sources and running The Conduit was enough. I ran around in circles for a bit, killing the ranged enemies so that my shield would stay at max when the time comes that they’re all stacked and using phasegate to get the shield charging if need be, then ran into melee range of about ten o’ the goons and aimed the blades at the floor. Having 540 shield adds about 65 damage to each blade, which is pretty reliably insane I think.


It worked ^^ thanks for the info