Phoebes contigency plan, sporadically working

Is this a bug or what? Even making sure her shield is 100% charged before using the first teleport, sometimes it still doesn’t reset. I know there’s not a hidden cooldown on it since the “infinite teleport” build exists.

This is EXTREMELY frustrating when you teleport into a group of enemies to drop your alt or do whatever, counting on that reset, and it never comes. This is one of the few things that actually makes phoebe useful, so it’s very frustrating.

I have also noticed a lot of times after activating the helix, it does not seem to work right away, which is equally as frustrating.

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I thought I have noticed this too but never actually checked it out scientifically. I always forget to look and watch when in the heat of the battle. I may have to go ahead and try it out again since I usually use my teleport as an opener, though I have been practicing it being a closer these days.

That Alani push/slow/stun/kill (within 4 seconds sometimes) is pretty mean.