Phoebe's Level 5 Helix

Which is best honestly. I don’t play religiously with her, but I like that blade sweep adds more to her basic attack animation. I usually go damage reduction, but which is best from a good Phoebe PoV? Is Blade Sweep the weakest of the three?

Blade Sweep is the strongest. As Reprise has a 1.4 damage multiolier, Blade Sweep actually has a 1.5 times multiplier. Damage reduction is good but she’s an assassin

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Interesting. Good, well thanks for that. I thought Blade Sweep might be weaker because of it being her own spin attack while Reprise is more precise. I finished her lore challenge btw. :slight_smile:

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Yaaaay. How’d you get it?

It all depends, really. If your gear is all health related then go for the 30% damage reduction. If your gear is attack speed based, then blade sweep.

The Blade Sweep/Reprise thing honestly should be looked at it.

It’s pretty obvious that the intent was (or should have been) that Reprise is the damage dealer, while Blade Sweep does less damage but more AOE.

As it stand, Reprise is completely pointless once Blade Sweep is there.

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