Phoebe's New Wound Helix

Hey guys, what do you think about the new wound helix skill for Phoebe? I still can’t see that being picked as a helix choice compared to contingency plan or phasegateV2 (for pvp atleast). Would have been nice if wound was already set to blade rush, I hardly use blade rush that often tactically if I don’t choose Preperation helix.

Having splash damage wound is cool and all (if you choose the right helix) but is totally situational.

I would have to agree. I am no expert when it comes to pvp (played literally 3 games, got stomped, felt bad), but PvE, you will never take wound unless enemies get a heal mechanic in the DLCs. As for PvP though, contingency plan just seems way more useful, giving you an out if things start to go south. I will say that the helix choice being changed was a good idea since it really wasn’t on par with your other options, but putting the wound affect there just changes the helix that might be ignored.

But, hey, I have been wrong before.


…True, have been testing it on Helio, in the timer part.
I use that for tests, the timer runs out and you still get credit for the mission. :wink:

Really think the wound helix would be better on helix 4 as a mutation opening up helix 6 R for something else.

Helix 4 (L )unintended innovation (M) Disruptor Blades ® Raddoppio.

Would work a lot better and offer more utility for blade rush. Helix 6 phasegate choices are way too important. Helix 6 ® could be another phasegate option… something to take people off Contigency plan which I’m sure 99.9% of people pick. But yea just my thoughts…