Phoebe's phasegate needs a nerf

Last way too long. And someone who teleports doesnt deserve a slowdown especially one that leaves behind an area that causes anyone who walks in to also catch a slowdown. She needs a nerf and shes been needing one since launch.

Yeah if only there was a big circle or something that showed where the slow field was so you could avoid it. Oh wait.


perhaps the thorn/mellka treatment woikd work for phoebe, reducing effect from 6 to 4 seconds, while increasing the damage of the attack. but blade rush is already s weak…

Why not? Phoebe is slow, if she couldn’t slow enemies they could just stroll away and her Phasegate would be quite ordinary. She’s an assassin/brawler, she deserves a slow more than most.


Phoebes slow movement speed justifies the slow

it is literally all she has. she has the worst kit of every assassin in the game. gali does more damage, has a pull, a silence, AND a stun, and isnt even an assassin. if you want to complain about a character, complain about galilea.


I wouldn’t say it is literally all she has, you can make a silence build that is pretty powerful. But like all characters, player skill is the greatest factor in how well you do. Someone who know how to use phoebe can be devastating and someone who doesn’t can be just an annoyance.

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I tried running Phoebe without her slow once. It was against some low level players so I figured I might as well test to see how important that slow was to her.

Results were… mediocre at best. I ended up going 13-4 (which isn’t all that bad mind you), but I noticed on several occasions that I was missing out on so much by skipping the slow. For example, I attempted to kill their Oscar Mike multiple times using every method I could think of, and nearly every time he was able to quick melee me away and cloak. I have never had more difficulty killing an Oscar Mike as an assassin, and probably never will.

She needs that slow. Without it, she’s the worst assassin in the game.

LLC characters are taking way too much hits. Phasegate slow should not be an issue, just stay out of the bubble. It’s not like its big or anything. Phoebe as is, is a squishy character, she needs the slow.

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she has a slow and her primary. that is it. every other assassin has two viable skills, while phoebe has one. bladerush has zero purpose other than sort of helping you clear a wave a little better. i have around an 8.0 kd with probably around 95 pct win percentage on phoebe, but you will never even once see me play her in a private match against top players.

in order for an assassin to be viable at high levels, they have to have hard cc. phoebe was initially made with hard cc, but they nerfed it at a time when nobody had any clue how to play the game, and there were only a few characters. then they came out with el dragon and galilea, which phoebe would have been a great counter to, but by then she was already nerfed. bring back her stun. it was by far the most skilled stun to pull off after they nerfed the window to land the combo to stun, but nonetheless, they removed it

Have you played Phoebe? I like Phoebe a lot. She is super fun, but I can’t play her anymore. Every time I play her against competent players I get the Phasegate glitch over and over. I go to teleport in or out and it just cancels itself for no reason. It’s beyond frustrating.

I hope they fix the glitch before they do anything else to her.


Same thing with me… Not sure what causes it. I still play her time to time but I recognized obstacles or minor stray hits would cancel it

Every few weeks, this exact complaint get brought up. And every few weeks it gets shot down by the community. She has nothing except the slow, so unless you come up for a good alternative, no it should not be nerfed.

lol every character in this game has been hit with a nerf topic lol

It’s barely a teleport, she moves three feet forward. I love her, but she has one mobility slow skill, and one skill that takes up half of her helix but does nothong. She doesn’t need more nerfs. I’d love her stun back, personally. She’s nothing special any more.

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Yea I know, I just find the one where the community whole heartedly disagrees to be the most entertaining.

I don’t see it often but a Phebs/Gally combo is just friggin’ brutal.

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@crummysaint Maybe in meltdown. I don’t see that being a threat in incursion.

the only good skill that phoebe has you want it nerfed.

Well Phoebe pretty much has nothing but that slow and take that away you have an assassin with ■■■■■■ skills with high cd’s but low damage and hard to aim, low defenses, okay mobility and meh damage.