Phoebes Sword Skill (Already forgot name sorry)

So I wanted to learn how to play someone new and I decided it was time to try phoebe. I like her a lot, she’s more of an upfront person and I enjoy that. My question is, what is the point of her dumb sword shooting skill? It does like absolutely no damage and it really never comes in handy. Just so confused. Anybody else agree or have tips on how to use it? Thanks.

@kitru did an amazing job

U can go for the silence and cd reduction if they hit. Amazing to negate escape skills.

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I had a request to make a tutorial vid for phoebe. I should have it done by today since PS4 tourney is done but there are many great ways to play her. One of them being what was suggested above.

Preparation is the best for lv 1… if you are going a damage phoebe build you should be using that with R on helix 4 for CD reduction. If you are going tanky phoebe build (more shield), you can use helix 4 L and lv 9 L to make the swords put out some good burst damage which you can follow up with a phasegate. It’s pretty late game but it’s some good damage w/ silence to look forward to at later levels

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