Phoebe's teleport and clothesline being cancelled by any little hit

Just finished some games with el dragon and Phoebe and every time Iused her teleport and his clothesline at the smallest hit it would cancel my abilities. Was this intended?

This happen to me before too, actually it was any small hit canceled my teleport but other times it didn’t… Really weird.

well El Dragon’s clothesline does knock up a small bit. Even if you get hit with say his pinky it will knock you up. That might be the reason it canceled it.

No he means that they both get cancelled easily. And idk why, but it’s extremely annoying to have my escape go on cooldown for no apparent reason.

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Yes they are being cancelled with the slightest of damage almost if everything has silence on it.

I think Phoebes has something to do with the shield breaking mid teleport. That is, if you run the two teleport mutation.