Phoenix glitched? It came back LEVEL 56!

I was trying to farm the Phoenix in the Splinterlands last night, and I killed the damn thing five times before it became level 56. I saw the skull next to its name just before it one shotted me. So, I think it might have a glitch.

Also, why does it not have a crit spot? I was shooting thousands of bullets at it from a double bazoomy from point blank, and I never once got a crit. Is it an oversight?

first raid boss confirmed?

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And it’s a good damn rakk? Gotta love it. Felt like Mothrakk all over again.

i dont think it’s a glitch seen that a few times with it too, luckily it wasn’t too interested in my jabber

For the Hammerlock Hunt mission, I just had to kill it three times, which was acceptable. But this was ridiculous. It’s supposed to drop the Deathless artifact, so that’s why I kept trying. Guess I’ll go back to Graveward.

Giga is dropping deathless artifacts now (and he’s a much easier kill.)


Thank you! You just saved me hours of farming!

giga’s dropping deathless? oh heck yeah, thanks for the heads up

Have you had one drop yet? Because I’ve been grinding for days, and it hasn’t dropped yet. Been getting a lot of Crater ones though.

I got another one today, an elemental projector deathless. I’ve been farming him in M4 because I can kill him quick and their are NO ghosts in his arena.

Back to the grind, I guess. I’m getting buried in legendaries, so if anyone wants to trade, I’ll be happy to!

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I’ve been rotating from Giga to A&S for a Spiritual Driver. I finally got one today with bad stats :frowning_face:. Giga was dropping tons of Jackhammers & Banes and a good assortment of purples to sell.

I now have five Hellshocks from the last 2 days.

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Those are B-A-D.

Wait Giga drops Driver? I thought it was A&S or Wotan only.

I do an A&S run and then, when the backpack fills up, go sell the trash/bank the goodies and do a Giga run. Rinse & repeat. my last A&S run spit out a Driver & a couple of blues.

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I have a post with the dedicated loot drops of all legendaries Loot location spread sheet! New legendaries! Every dedicated drop in the game!


Have you had driver drop from Giga though? I’m farming A&S rn but would rather do gigamind if it drops.

No. the Driver only drops from Sylestro on M4 (and the Maliwan boss). I race from the checkpoint to get to the A&S arena, then swap out my shield for a Red Suit to kill them. I’ve been farming all weekend and it only dropped on the last run. They are very stingy in their drops. I’d say it was 1-10 runs would give up a legendary, mostly it was blues & purples and not much replacement ammo. Giga does give up class mods, just not the special ones.

Ahh gotcha, thanks. I’ll stick to A&S I guess lol.

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