Phoenix glitched? It came back LEVEL 56!

They destroy Gigas shield pretty well, the one I use has 1112 elemental damage though. And, I now have 3 transformer shields, a caustic Faisor, a fire Lucian’s call, and a ton if other legendaries that I never even knew existed.

Edit: now it’s 4 Transformer shields.

I tried farming the Phoenix like the spreadsheet says, but that didn’t end well, as you probably read…

Its in there somewhere… i felt like trying the emp from baron noggin, it took about 45 runs accross the metroplex before it actually dropped; sadly nothing i can truly do with it

It’s just the game still hasn’t gotten dedicated drops down yet…it’s only like a 3% more chance on some but other’s like Aurelia and Troy will drop the new legendaries consistently…the spreadsheet is correct…but even I farm sky bullies for hours for an anointed MIRV-Tacular hex…only to get nothing and have it drop off a random soldier in Maliwan take down…keep trying…eventually it will work!

Alright, well, hopefully that rakk can stay dead this time.

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That’s just God awful.