Photo Mode for Xbox One Broken?

So is photo mode for Xbox one broken? I try to take a picture but it takes me to the pause screen instead of saying “photo saved”

I cannot figure out how to take photos either

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It was supposed to be enabled in the most recent patch (this week) - can you confirm the version number showing for your game?

I have photo mode, so I have the most recent patch

OK I just successfully took my first photo with photo mode. So:

  • Get to the spot you want to take the picture and equip the appropriate gear
  • Hit the pause button and select Photo Mode from the pause menu
  • Frame the shot!
    • LS and RS move and rotate the camera
    • LT and RT raise and lower the camera
    • LB and RB cycle through different sets of menus
    • Use D-Pad to select those menu items and adjust values
    • Click down on RS shows/hides photo mode menus
    • Click down on LS pauses/resumes in-game activity
  • Take screenshot using regular XB1 method (XBox button, Y)
  • Hit B to cancel photomode
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So you still have to screen shot the image? I thought it was a totally In game process. Plus the filters don’t seem to change anything when I cycle through them

I guess they use whatever the platform screen-shot functionality is to actually capture the screen and put the file somewhere you can grab it. Which makes sense from a code point of view - no point reinventing that particular wheel if you don’t have to. But at least you can adjust location, angle, tilt, height, zoom, etc. without getting destroyed by bandits in the process. Haven’t tried the filters yet.

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Ok thanks for the info. I just saw a video of someone doing it and it said photo saved and it seemed like he didn’t have to go out of game/to a console menu to do it so I was like whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

It’s probably different on PC, and may be different again on PS4. I looked very carefully when I went through last night and could find no key indication in the XB1 version that would take the shot without hitting XBox/Y. If there is a button to short-circuit that last step, I would love to know about it.

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