Photo Mode is Awesome!

Is great and works as advertised and was under hyped… One question.

Can we put the team that worked on this aspect of the game in charge of other aspects like bank interaction, split screen and inventory management etc…

Thanks !!!

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wait, what ? What is this photo mode that I have not discovered yet ?

Only PC got that option

I use it often to check how my weapon looks awesome in 3rd person view haha

yeah, I concur!
Kudos guys! :smiley:

Did you know you can shoot in photo mode

Console was supposed to get a day 30 update to enable the screenshot mode and twitch echocast but theyve been silent about it.

I haven’t really used Photo Mode (only farted around with it like twice). The one slider I do like is the daytime adjustment (just for the lighting). I just never remember to use this mode though.