Photo Mode ... Photos

Gun rotation animations would be nice for active desktop backgrounds.

There’s also an option to pause/unpause while in photo mode. On PS4 its one of the thumbsticks, L3 I think

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As above, you can make a video in photo mode.

On PC gear here, and no cannot find button to record animation graphics and sound whilst in Camera mode, everything is paused, stopped. It seems to be an old skool analogue camera that you find in trash cans…

On PC it should be the “R” key to toggle pause on or off while in photo mode

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Nailed it! Thanks.

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more random pictures i’ve snapped during BL3 sessions:

This is my new habbit… making photos inside games (as I do it in real life lol).


I love that third photo of Zane where he is silhouetted against the white background

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