Physical dmg weapons in the end game

Somehow every non-grenade weapon that I find usable in the endgame in Mayhem 3 is doing elemental damage of some sort.

Before I often used a Jakobs rifle that could at least one shot small enemies if I managed to get a critical headshot. Or also a Jakobs pistol / revolver. Now even the stuff I find as a legendary does no comparable damage.

With the exceptions of explosions like the Flakker but this is also an added effect.

So my question is does anyone of you use a non-elemental weapon effectively on m3?
If so which one are you using?

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Maggie :heart: Leg

Q-system Anointed Epic

Y-System Anointed Epic

Cloning Chupas Organ

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one pump chump, it is pretty deadly up close. maggie and wagon wheel too

Unforgiven, Bekah and Monocle are all great NE legendaries. The Masher and Muckamuck are 2 purples that also hold up.

Edit here’s a build of just non elemental guns

Dictator is a beast with or without an element, i also use a NE Star Helix which is pretty good against most enemies.

Thanks for all the suggestions :slight_smile:

I have a Q-system Epic but it takes too long to melt an enemy on m3. I dont have a Y-System or Cloning Chupas yet. Will look for it.

Tried the one pump chump but it doesnt get me through any hardened enemy. Its working for small enemies though. But since it has only one shot its not my thing.

Tried Unforgiven and Monocle. Takes way more than one shot to kill a small enemy. Even with the monocle I need 2-3 Shots if I do a critcal.

I do also own a Muckamuck epic with 3700 dmg. However I need at least 2 shots with that as well to kill a small one with a shield.

The build looks interesting. Although I dont main an Amara but a Moze. Will look into that when I levelled up Amara. If it wont be nerfed until then :wink:

non-elemental damage can be useful if you get a bad roll for elements. like - elemental damage / + non-elemental damage.

Also, the Maggie is amazing if you don’t mind clicking alot

The Chupas is a grenade, but bypasses shield / immune and keeps my glass cannon alive during boss fights, even when the boss is “immune” it ticks damage and heals.

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That’s kind of the point of elements, matching element should outperform neutral damage.

And as some pointed out already, there are plenty of options of good dependable damage, even if they can’t melt enemies in .5 seconds. The Q-System in particular is very effective for mobs, as it allows you to focues on evading incoming damage while the smart bullets do their thing. Especially when badasses are spamming rockets.

Even non end game I find the physical dmg only weaponry to be underwhelming to high chance/dmg elemental guns, generally speaking.
Against scrub enemies, good elemental weapons are fire and forget, practically.

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that is my exeperience as well but maybe I haven’t tried enough yet.

For me thenon-elemental weapons are currently somehow usable but not on the same level as elemental damage ones. This was different for Normal and TVHM. There I could go fine with a good Q-System or a Jakobs Muckamuck. I wasnt forced to use elemental for maximum efficiency.

What is your build?

Most things in end game really perform when built around.

I currently use this build for moze (endless mags and shield of retribution with the deathless artifact:

together with a work horse stop gap shield.

I don’t have more to 50 yet, so I can’t really help there. Maybe others can.

I’ve had great luck with NE guns on Fl4k and Amara

ok, thanks anyway :slight_smile:

I would love to see a non-elemental build for moze. maybe someone else has a good experience?

This is mostly a neutral build and will work with any high fire-rate gun, it has better sinnergy with fire weapons, but can be used with physical just as well.

I won’t go into depth unless you want but a few pointers.

  • You’re missing out big time by not having 5 in Drowning in Brass. It’s a major damage boost. I’d pull points from Bubble Bear, Vladof Ingenuity, Full Can of Whoop Ass and Behind the Iron Curtain.
  • If you’ve got the Guardian Rank skill Shield Reboot then you can ditch Force Feedback as they have the same effect.
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My 2nd character is an elemental build Amara, whom uses elemental weapons, exclusively, and is a blast to play, melting hordes.
My primary is Moze, and though she doesn’t have the elemental setup, it is rare that I keep physical only guns on her for long, before finding an elemental gun that is more efficient at killing with less bullets.
I realize there are exceptions, just generally speaking from my experience thus far.

For bosses with moze a not elemental lyuda. With bm it shreds. Works good on annoited also.

Thanks for tip!

  • I will try out Drowning in Brass. However pulling Vldaf Ingenuity doesnt help me because I have 1 health on everything on shield. The others I can remove.
  • so Shield Reboot and Force Feedback are not additive? Meaning recharging faster?