Physical version of Battleborn on deep sale

Didn’t check anywhere else but just noticed the DVD version is $9.99 on Amazon right now.

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What else is new

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I wasn’t away Battleborn was a movie. :kissing_heart:

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You’ve been able to walk into any Best Buy and get it for less than $10 for awhile now. So not really new. Pretty sure that’s the regular price now.

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Not here in Tennessee, where’d you see that?

New advertising strategy, guys! If we all buy one copy for $10 to give to someone else for free, then said person agrees to do the same if they like the game. It’ll work, guys; we just have to rely on human honestly and kindness!

Haha! Ah… We’re doomed.


You could’ve split those into Toby and ISIC dialogs, and they would’ve worked xD


I feel sick now, it’s $5 on CDKeys with the dlc’s.
Still $19 for DD.

No, I’ve already done irreparable damage to my identity in Benedict_87’s RP thread.

EDIT: In fact, as you say, if i had only put their names in front of each dialog, it WOULD pass for them; THAT’S how warped my reality is right now.

And people still go to the movies :angry:

Everywhere. Google “Battleborn” and go to the Shopping tab. It’s dirt cheap. I personally saw it at a Best Buy in Upstate NY for 9.99 a few weeks back.

If more people I knew had PS4’s I’d get them the game for Christmas. It’d be nice AND selfishly help me have more people to play with.


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For now, my eggs are still in the “please add offline-story-play, Gearbox; i’ll donate another $100!” basket.

Here’s hoping…

…I’m a 55 year old in the Cherokee forest, what movies?


Watching the shadows grow longer

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you prolly don’t price shop much buddy

this game is on permanent deep sale for a somewhat savvy shopper, and has been since about 30 days after release