Physician's Eye. Meh

So, I’ve tried using Physician’s Eye and… It’s really underwhelming.
I’m aware of how good Bloodshot is, so choosing Physician’s Eye over it seems like a poor choice.

Bloodshot does, however, change her Quick Melee animation, stats, and cool down.
I actually do prefer the feel of her unmodified Quick Melee attack, but I can’t still feel that Physician’s Eye is objectively worse than Bloodshot.

I would love to see Physician’s eye pick up some utility.
This could make the two options favour particular play styles and seem less like Physician’s Eye is an objectively bad choice.

One, Physician’s Eye doesn’t seem to add much zoom.
Does it have as much magnification as other snipers, like Thorn or Marquis?
It doesn’t ‘feel’ like it does, but I don’t know the exact magnifications, so this isn’t solid empirical data, just a subjective semblance as a player.
I would appreciate more zoom if it’s feasible without impacting balance.

Two, it seems like you could add some weak shot bonuses to compensate, such as Reload Speed or Recoil Reduction Somewhere long the lines of 15%/12.5% respectively).
This would emphasize the shooting aspect of her game plan.
Recoil Reduction emphasizes stable distance shooting.
Reload Speed would offer general utility, DPS boost, but also be weaker if Prescription Affliction is taken at level 4, making it a weaker buff option to Physician’s Eye than Recoil Reduction from a raw number perspective, but also opens up more fluidity to selecting Level 4 Helix Options.

Also, as a nitpick: why does Beatrix’s Fulminate not only cancel being scoped in (that’s fine), but also makes it so that I have to release the Secondary Fire Button before pressing again to re-engage my scope? (This is what really burns my biscuits!)


I don’t see much scope use anyway. Reduced recoil or increased damage might make the scope worth using over hipfire at the least. The added melee damage and the ridiculous lifesteal in addition to putting patient zero on yourself, have allowed me to quickly turned the tables on many a would be assassin. Eating minions for health gives you more time in position. There is really no contest.

If anyone’s wondering, this helix choice is currently broken and does absolutely nothing. Only take it if you want to keep her melee animation.

After you zoom you can actual use the left analog stick to zoom in quite a bit but its still very clunky to use.

Just saying, it does do something…even if its horribly implemented.